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I think I am the luckiest sister alive to have two wonderful guys are stellar!

Sacan la mugre...caleta

This week the mission had the goal to contact more families. It is a lot easier to contact a person in the street who is by themselves, but to contact a family in the street requires more faith and confidence in the Savior. It was awesome to see how the missionaries took this example to heart this week.

It was a week a lot more tranquila....but I was able to feel the spirit guide us in the things we needed to do.

So we are still looking for more people to teach. In this sector of Valle Grande we have been trying to ¨open¨ a new sector that missionaries have not worked in for a long time. We have been working in this sector for a couple weeks, but we have not seen a lot of ¨fruit¨ with our labors. And this week it did not feel right at all to be in this sector. We were at a lost, so we said a little prayer and felt like we needed to change sectors. After weeks of closed doors and hearts, we entered a new sector and received a lot of blessing within the first 10 minutes. Seriously, I have loved seeing the hand of the Señor in this work.

We have a family in the branch that were baptized (almost a year ago) but have fallen back into their old pit falls. I am learning that even with our efforts to help, people have their agency. It was really interesting because we entered in their house and I literally felt the Spirit leave. I could not talk properly, could not think properly, and I felt weak, relying on my own strength. It is the WORST feeling ever. One thing I have learned in the mission is without the spirit...I am NOTHING. Without the gift of tongues, without the inspiration of the spirit, I am a helpless instrument/missionary. Never put yourselves in situations (movies, parties, music, etc), where the spirit can not accompany you. Because without the spirit, that is when Satan attacks his hardest. That is why the Sacrament is SOOOO important because with it we are inviting the spirit to help us for the next week. Nothing should impede us from taking the Sacrament.

In contrast, right after this experience we went to visit C (the women who is now super active in the iglesia). The moment I walked into her house I felt better again. We did not have a plan on what we wanted to share with her so I began to talk and to open my scriptures. But nothing felt right. So I paused and waited and felt like I needed to share with her my feelings about the Holy Ghost. WOW. The Spirit flooded the room, and once again I felt the companionship of the Spirit. There is not a feeling more maravilloso then to feel the Spirit talk through you.

M accepted a baptism date, the 28 of June and assisted this Sunday in the church for the first time and LOVED it! She is one person that I have met here in Chile that I will never forget. Please keep her in your prayers.

Also the Family S is progressing!!!! M is una mormona seca (dry mormon/without a baptism). A still does not want to get married legally, but he is progressing un montón. Keep them in your prayers too. This family is going to bless the reino de Dios here and I know that with the Spirit the softening of the heart of A with happen. We did 2 noches de hogares (FHE) with them this week where we invited families from the ward to compart with them their experiences. I love listening to the testimonies of the members!

Funny language mistake of the week: So here in Chile a lot of people say pedacito which means a little bit. But for my whole mission I have heard parasito (parasite) for my whole mission I have used this word equivacada UNTIL this week we were doing language studies with a member and she corrected me. We all had a good laugh. Casí.

Love you guys más que puedan imaginar

Hna Duffy

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