Thursday, May 21, 2015


Hna C and I are `opening up`another sector here that missionaries have not worked in for a long time.  Knocking lots of doors and looking for the people who are prepared to accept the gospel of Christ in their lives.  In the mission sometimes we have periods of searching. It has been incredible though for 2 cambios.. we have worked mostly in 2 streets and we have seen a lot of miracles.  This last saturday we were able to participate basically in a `block party`for one of these streets.  One of our investigadoras  named Margarita was in charge of the party so she asked us if we could do face painting with the kids.  I will just say that I am definitely no Picasso! But it was fun to press service in a new way.

Talking about M...she is progressing and growing each day in her is incredible.  She was talking with us yesterday about how she has quit smoking, drinking, etc. which is incredible because we still have not officially taught her the Word of Wisdom, but then she mentioned that she felt guilty because she had drunk a little bit of Coke with her lunch this last week. As missionaries in this mission we can not drink Coke, but she thought it applied to her too.  I love seeing how the Spirit changes hearts. 

Last Thursday we were able to do a session in the temple, in spanish, which was awesome!  I love the temple here in Santiago!  Days before our visit to the temple I was thinking about the things I wanted to take away from the experience. I had forgotten the peace that exists in the temple.  I know that the temples are the houses of God here in the earth.  While I was reading the scriptures in the temple, in Moses Ch 1, something really called my attention. Moses talks about his `natural eyes`and his `spiritual eyes`.  I love this so much. He continues to say that he learned that man is nothing in comparison to the work of God. I feel like this says a lot about my experience in the mission.  I arrived here in Chile with my natural eyes...but now I feel like I am learning how to use my spiritual eyes more:  to recognize answers to my prayers, to feel the love of my Heavenly ¨Father, the cleansing and strengthening power of the Atonement.  

Funny experience of the week.  So I was trying to close this huge gate that is in front of a street.  And I was pushing and shoving and I was so confused why it was not budging until I realized that I was pulling the part of the gate that does not slide shut. I felt a little silly but I was hoping nobody but my comp saw it.  But then I looked up and a man had been watching me the whole time in my failed attempt.  He did not saw a single word but made a face that summed everything right up!
:) love ya tons

Hna Duffy

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