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There is a reason why I am writing today and not yesterday......ready....

Elder Russell M Nelson of the 12 apóstoles came to Chile.  My mission (Santiago North) and another mission, Santiago East had the awesome opportunity to join together for a conference with him.  I will never forget this conference.  A couple points that really struck me was from the talk that Sister Nelson gave.  She talked about pondering and reflecting about our ¨premortal selves.¨ That she wishes everyone could have a DVD player that would allow them to watch 10 minutes of their premortal life when we lived with our Heavenly Father, when we accepted to follow His plan, the moment we left before we were born.  That we were born with a ¨list¨of things that we were to do in this life.  She said that she knows one thing on this list for each of us as missionaries was that we was to serve a mission here in Chile.  When she said this I felt a confirmation of this truth.  That part of Heavenly Father´s plan for me was to serve 18 months here in the beautiful country of Chile.  She also talked about our relationships with others in the premortal life.  How there are times in our life when we meet someone and it feels like we have known each other before or for a long time.  Premortal Friends. How true is this.  

Elder Nelson gave a blessing as an apostle for us.  In the blessing he included a great part for the families of the missionaries.  I want you to know that many people, including leaders of the church are praying for you.  He talked about certain things we should concentrate in our studies.  In the spanish scriptures there is a extra guide to the scriptures which is fantastic which we studied with him in the conference.  He said that with investigadores, we as missionaries need to be able to see them dressed in white in the temple.  The temple is the goal.

Funny story of the week.  My companion had a appointment so I was seated outside the office waiting for her.  I was studying my spanish/english dictionary..when this mother and son entered and sat down close to where I was sitting.  I also had my Book of Mormon in my lap during this time.  This mother and son were conversing and I am guessing they thought I did not speak spanish I would not understand their conversation.  They started talking about the Book of many times they have read it, their thoughts etc.  I decided I would make a medical call to check up on one of the Hermanas in the mission.  The moment I started talking in spanish in this phone call, their faces were priceless jaja.  After the call I talked with them.  They are members ( menos activos I believe) but it was one of the funniest experiences I have had in the mission.

Mucho amor y cariño

Hna Duffy

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no way....that is so exciting that Caden will be serving as the medico in his mission also.
I just sent him a list of medications with the names in spanish and english, and tips on how to treat the exciting things in the mission...diarrhea, dog bites, gastritis, inflammed knees.  He is going to be fantastico.  Maybe he will be inspired to change his major when he gets back home jaja

So I realized this week I might need to learn some french.  There are tons of people from Haiti in this sector.  The people from Haiti are super receptive and open.  We are teaching a man from Haiti named A.  A and his family attended church this sunday which was awesome.  His wife only speaks french but hopefully the spirit was able to carry the message to her heart.  It has been really fun to serve in the city because like any city there are people from all over.  We have a street in our sector which basically only has people from Peru.  It is really funny because people often will think my compañion is american because she is with me.  We are practicing on helping her with her english.

Wow it gets hot here.  Maybe it is because I had two winter in a row, and so my body is not use to the heat.  I am SOOO happy to feel the sun once again.  I am going to have Christmas in the Summer.  Sorry Frosty the Snowman.

The medical problems have changed since the weather has changed.  Now we are dealing with allergies, bloody noses, heat exhaustion, dehydration, and food poisoning.  Hna V, the mission president's wife has done tons for the mission in regard to the health of the mission.  My role really is to help with the calls from the missionaries right now and to translate the needs to the Doctor that is supervising the missions in Chile.  Hna V was so kind the other day.  We were communicating a lot about a missionary in the mission who was experiencing some problems.  She was using a lot of medical words in spanish that I had no idea what the meaning were.  So the next day she got up early and translated and practiced everything in english for me, so she could explain it more profoundly to me in english.  I know that the ability to work with her is a blessing and a grand part in my mission.

I had my 1st completo...the hotdog of chile....with members this week. They made them especially for my comp and I because both of us had not tasted them.

There were emergency cambios in our zone, so we were given the sector of the elderes for the rest of the cambio.  We are focusing on contacting and visiting the members of the ward in the sector for the time we have the whole ward as our sector.  I love the ward...VIVACETA.  There is soo much support and love from this ward.

One lesson that I keep on learning in the mission is that I am NOTHING..without the Spirit and without the Atonement of Christ.  Everyday you can try to accomplish everything and give all...but still you will fall short.  Everyday we need to ask for perdon and to ask for the strength to try a little bit harder the next day.  I love the experiences in the mission when both my comp and I feel the same prompting to do something at the same obra misional es la obra de is the work of our Heavenly Father.

Mucho mucho mucho amor

Hna Duffy