Saturday, August 29, 2015



So this is going to be a letter a little shorter. But I am sending it with a lot of love.

Cambios- I am staying here in Independencia but as Hna L (so for the intercambios I will be staying in my sector instead of traveling) and my comp is Hna H....again!!!  I was her trainer like 9 months ago...loco.  Heavenly Father has a plan for us this cambio.  We are super excited to work together, and we can hit the ground running because we already know how the other works.

Hna N by comp is going home today.  I am so grateful for the many lessons she taught me this last cambio.

J and M are progressando a lot.  We taught them almost every day, because they kept asking us to pass by.  Honestly they teach us.  They always read between the visits, so in lessons we are just contesting their questions.  Wow!  They have been a blessing in my life to see people with spirits so prepared to accept the gospel of Jesus.  J has been sick this weekend so please keep her in your prayers.  muchas gracias.

Dad you inspired me with your letter about goals.  I have a goal this cambio to set more goals and to cumplir them.  I will let you know how it goes;)

It was interesting this week.  We had to do tramites with our Visa etc and we did not have our time to study the scriptures like we usually do.  Man I felt a difference.  The scriptures are the spiritual waters that give us the enegy to keep going. 

love ya tons

hna duffy

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Querida familia mìa

As you can see from the series of selfie pics we did a lot of intercambios this week!  I love doing the intercambios ....seriously.  It is my favorite calling I have had as a mission thus far.  The hermanas in our group are amazing, and I learn sooo much from each of them.

It is getting harder and harder to put into words exactly how I feel, because I am seriously super happy and constantly am seeing miracles every day.  We had a really awesome experience this week.  So we were in route to an appointment and we saw this woman walking with her baby chicatito.  We felt to talk with her so of course we did.  Her name is J, and she is from Colombia.  She was super receptive with our contact, and we were able to set an appointment with her for the next day.  In the end of the contact she told us, and I will make sure my husband is in the house too because I want all of us to learn together.....because this week I actually mentioned to him that we needed to find a church for our family, and I feel like meeting your guys is the answer from God.  I was in an intercambio when they taught them the next day, but my comp Hna N told me it was a lesson super genial.  The next day was Sunday ...and they assisted!!! All 3 hours.  They were participating in the classes with questions etc.  Wow.  Seriously there are people prepared to hear the Evangelio de Jesucristo.  Please keep J and M in your prayers!

We were able to teach the two haitiano children this week...Y and R.  Wow.  Another lesson I don’t think I will ever forget either.  R, He is 12 y.o, had a Joseph Smith experience during the lesson.  It was amazing.  He understood the apostasy and the restoration perfectly.  Seriously during the lesson one could see the light in his eyes.  Some people have spirits sooo powerful, and can recognize the truth of the gospel right away.  During the lesson too Y and her grandmother were playing with my hair hahahaha.  Love the people from Haiti.  When I serve another mission, I would love to serve in Haiti! Cam you will have to help me learn some French!

In my lecture of the BOM this week I read Mosiah 2:21-24.  I remember the first time that I read this passage in the mission, I wanted to cry....because we try so hard to give everything during the mission, but even with our best efforts we are going to fall short.  My offering to my Heavenly Father and Christ as a missionary will never repay them for everything They have done and do for me.  In the end, even after I have tried to give everything...I need the Atonement.  It is interesting in my mind, even when I try to give everything to Christ to show my gratitude for the Atonement, I need the Atonement to do it.  We are nothing without Christ.  

Make it a great week.

Love you guys!!!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2015


I love you guys so much.  Wow,  we are found in all sorts of places in the america...provo (a world of itself ;) ) MTC (other world of itself haha), ohio.  

It was a another amazing week here in Santiago, Chile.  This week we had a rain storm for 3 days.  The first day we had to stay in the house because the streets literally were changed into rivers.  The drains/gutters here are tiny, because it does not rain here a ton, so it has taken some time for the water to get drained...but now the air is a little bit cleaner.  

This week also meant a Zone Conference and a Medical Conference.  I think I have restless leg syndrome now  ;) ...I can’t sit still for a ton of time, I am happier walking.  

I can not even put into words some of the experiences I had this week.  The mission is amazing...the gospel of Jesus Christ is amazing.  I am learning how to live the gospel of Jesus Christ, and naturally by living it, we are going to want to share it with others.  Missionaries for LIFE!

Funny story.  We were looking for a menos activa that entered the church this last sunday.  The direction that we had was bad so we decided to knock a couple doors around this direction to try to find her.  Her name is Y.  We knocked this door and a abuelita from Haiti answered the door.  The Y we were looking for is Chilena, but we decided to ask her anyways. ...`Does a Y live here?`the abuelita said yes and left to go look for her.  We were a little confused but waited.  A little haitiana girl came up and we asked her, her name and she said Y hahaha.  and she told us to enter.  To be short in writing, we were able to teach her and her brother and we have another appointment with them for this next week.  I honestly don’t believe in chance or luck.....there are many ways that the spirit and Heavenly Father helps us be lead to the people that are ready.

There are so many moments that touched my heart this week.  I love this work, and am so grateful to be where I am right now.  Live in the moment.

Saturday, August 8, 2015


It was a great week here in Santiago, Chile.

So we went to Portillo today as a group of hermanas here in Independencia.  It was quite the adventure..they almost did not let us through because there was so much snow.  

IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!  We were able to play in the snow, and what made it even more special was that for a couple of the Hermanas it was their first time touching snow.  Dad I thought of would be in heaven skiing here...the powder was perfect!

Slowly, but surely we are finding more people to teach here in Independencia.  It is one of the oldest stakes here so a lot of the work is trying to work with menos active families and to increase the unity in the wards.

It has been awesome doing a lot of intercambios with the hermanas from our group.  Quick story.  Hna F and I in Los Olivos did not have any more plans because all of our plans fell through.  We were outside the house of someone that had a appointment, but was not answering the door.  We decided to pray and the moment we said amen, a group of people approached us and ended up letting us in the house and we were able to find someone to teach that night.  Also, another quick story.  My comp contacted a homeless man in the street, but set up an appointment with him to teach him in the house of his family.  We passed for the appointment later in the week, and he was not there but his brother was.  His brother told us that he met with the missionaries before, assisted a la iglesia, and he would like to have more visits.  It is amazing how Heavenly Father leads us to the right people.

I love you guys a ton.  Cam Cam I am praying for you every day.  So proud of my family.  Keep the faith alive.