Thursday, August 13, 2015


I love you guys so much.  Wow,  we are found in all sorts of places in the america...provo (a world of itself ;) ) MTC (other world of itself haha), ohio.  

It was a another amazing week here in Santiago, Chile.  This week we had a rain storm for 3 days.  The first day we had to stay in the house because the streets literally were changed into rivers.  The drains/gutters here are tiny, because it does not rain here a ton, so it has taken some time for the water to get drained...but now the air is a little bit cleaner.  

This week also meant a Zone Conference and a Medical Conference.  I think I have restless leg syndrome now  ;) ...I can’t sit still for a ton of time, I am happier walking.  

I can not even put into words some of the experiences I had this week.  The mission is amazing...the gospel of Jesus Christ is amazing.  I am learning how to live the gospel of Jesus Christ, and naturally by living it, we are going to want to share it with others.  Missionaries for LIFE!

Funny story.  We were looking for a menos activa that entered the church this last sunday.  The direction that we had was bad so we decided to knock a couple doors around this direction to try to find her.  Her name is Y.  We knocked this door and a abuelita from Haiti answered the door.  The Y we were looking for is Chilena, but we decided to ask her anyways. ...`Does a Y live here?`the abuelita said yes and left to go look for her.  We were a little confused but waited.  A little haitiana girl came up and we asked her, her name and she said Y hahaha.  and she told us to enter.  To be short in writing, we were able to teach her and her brother and we have another appointment with them for this next week.  I honestly don’t believe in chance or luck.....there are many ways that the spirit and Heavenly Father helps us be lead to the people that are ready.

There are so many moments that touched my heart this week.  I love this work, and am so grateful to be where I am right now.  Live in the moment.

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  1. Hooray Sister Duffy! We love you and love all the experiences you are having!