Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Querida familia mìa

As you can see from the series of selfie pics we did a lot of intercambios this week!  I love doing the intercambios ....seriously.  It is my favorite calling I have had as a mission thus far.  The hermanas in our group are amazing, and I learn sooo much from each of them.

It is getting harder and harder to put into words exactly how I feel, because I am seriously super happy and constantly am seeing miracles every day.  We had a really awesome experience this week.  So we were in route to an appointment and we saw this woman walking with her baby chicatito.  We felt to talk with her so of course we did.  Her name is J, and she is from Colombia.  She was super receptive with our contact, and we were able to set an appointment with her for the next day.  In the end of the contact she told us, and I will make sure my husband is in the house too because I want all of us to learn together.....because this week I actually mentioned to him that we needed to find a church for our family, and I feel like meeting your guys is the answer from God.  I was in an intercambio when they taught them the next day, but my comp Hna N told me it was a lesson super genial.  The next day was Sunday ...and they assisted!!! All 3 hours.  They were participating in the classes with questions etc.  Wow.  Seriously there are people prepared to hear the Evangelio de Jesucristo.  Please keep J and M in your prayers!

We were able to teach the two haitiano children this week...Y and R.  Wow.  Another lesson I don’t think I will ever forget either.  R, He is 12 y.o, had a Joseph Smith experience during the lesson.  It was amazing.  He understood the apostasy and the restoration perfectly.  Seriously during the lesson one could see the light in his eyes.  Some people have spirits sooo powerful, and can recognize the truth of the gospel right away.  During the lesson too Y and her grandmother were playing with my hair hahahaha.  Love the people from Haiti.  When I serve another mission, I would love to serve in Haiti! Cam you will have to help me learn some French!

In my lecture of the BOM this week I read Mosiah 2:21-24.  I remember the first time that I read this passage in the mission, I wanted to cry....because we try so hard to give everything during the mission, but even with our best efforts we are going to fall short.  My offering to my Heavenly Father and Christ as a missionary will never repay them for everything They have done and do for me.  In the end, even after I have tried to give everything...I need the Atonement.  It is interesting in my mind, even when I try to give everything to Christ to show my gratitude for the Atonement, I need the Atonement to do it.  We are nothing without Christ.  

Make it a great week.

Love you guys!!!!!

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