Thursday, May 21, 2015


I think this week has been the craziest week I have had in the mission.  Voy a explicarla.

So I would need like a whole day to type what happened but here it goes.

Basically our house had an electrical problem.  Lights turning on and off without us knowing.  But this happened for the first time this week when we arrived to the house in the night.  We were a little concerned that someone was in our house (no worries mom I am basically in the safest sector in the mission...literally).  But my comp did not feel good to enter.  sooo we called our lider misional who came with his wife to investigate to see if someone had entered in the house.  Pres. V. got word of this and told us to pack up everything and in the end we slept in a different apartment. the end was an electrical problem..but it is better to be safe than sorry right.  But for like one day we were thinking that we were going to be sent to a different sector until the house problem was solved.  I might have cried..not because of me, but because I love the people in this sector and branch sooo much.  Sometimes we don´t realize the amount of love we have until it is put to a test.    
But wait this week continues.  So the next day we entered our study to do our morning studies.  We closed the door to keep in the heat because the califactor was going.  My comp got up to leave the room to get something but she could not open the door.  I thought she was joking but no in the end the lock of the door had broken and it was impossible to get out. We tried EVERYTHING...I felt like Mcguiver  (the guy in the show that always uses random things as tools) because we used many objects in our study to sack the hinges from the door to dismantle the doorknob but even after this nothing worked.  So we called the pensionista (nanny and poppa palmer probably have received lots of calls like this ;) ) saying we were stuck in the study.  4 hours later we were saved jaja.  I am learning a lot of patience in the mission.  Always there is an adventure right;)  Oh and then the next day the bike tire of Hna C got a thorn haha.  We are just praying that this next week is a little more tranquila.  

Highlights:  O taught a class in church!  He and his wife M have changed their lives around to return to the step to return to the temple.

-In Relief Society, the president asked someone to volunteer to take a Book of Mormon to give it to a friend, family member, etc.  M raised her hand (she is not a member yet...but a investigadora de oro!) and already gave it to her friend.  And asked us to give her more BOM to give out.  WOW  she has changed everything to follow Christ and radiates this light.  We are now working with her husband A so he can follow with a marriage and baptism.  And...he went to church this last sunday too!!!!!!!!  

-La I who was baptized in febrero her husband J now is listening and participating in our visits.  Poco a poco.  

-Wow so the Holy Ghost can guide us to the needs of the people.  We were teaching M.  We have been teaching her for about 3 months right now.  She is progressing but super slowly.  But we had an awesome visit with her.  We were not sure what her needs were, but she told us that she wanted to tell us something.  She began to tell us about things that have happened in her life..things that she has seen/dreamed that happen etc.  I felt very strongly to compart with here in Moroni 10 about the gifts of the spirit.  It was EXACTLY what she needed to read.  I LOOOOVVVEEE feeling the Spirit working through me.  

-Another experience that I will never forget.  So I was feeling a little frustrated during the day so I went upstairs and said a little prayer asking for a confirmation in what I needed to do or what Heavenly Father thought in me.  I descended the stairs and in less than 5 minutes my comp began to talk to me and to give me words of counsel...exactly what I needed to hear.  She stopped talking, and I said to her, that was not you speaking was it...and she said no but it was the spirit.  LOVE the mission and being able to recognize the hands of God more in my life.  He listens to our prayers and answers them in many ways.

I love the mission.  I love the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I love my Heavenly Father.  I love feeling the spirit so strongly.  I the moments when I have my ´spiritual eyes´opened.  

I recently read about Samuel the Lamanite.  He was so tired of receiving rejection so he started to head home.  But he was told to return.  So he did but still the people did not want to let him in the city.  So he climbed the wall of the city.  But even after this the people tried to kill him.  I love this story because even when we are trying to do the will of God it does not mean it is going to be easy all of the sudden.  Perhaps our first, second, third try does not work out.  And sometimes we have think of new ways to seguir adelante (to climb a wall) but when we give our all and when we give up our will to do the will of God that is when we will find this peace. 

Love you guys tons

Sorry this letter is bien larga

Hna Duffy

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