Monday, May 4, 2015


This last monday we had cambios....I stayed here in Valle Grande whoot whoot!  This will be my third cambio here and I would be happy to serve here for my whole mission!  My new compi is Hna C.  She is the first hermana I met in the airport..we arrived to the CCM together.  I feel so blessed to serve here, and am excited for the new lessons that I will learn.  It is going to be super genial this cambio because we will pass our year mark together 7 de mayo...and what makes it even better is that our Zona got assigned to have a session in the temple this same day.  We get to do a session in the temple 1 time during the mission, so i am REALLY excited.

Have you seen the news about the volcano here in Chile.  This country has it all!

This last sunday was really lindo.  A received her confirmation.  She told us it was like a current of energy that flowed into her.  Also the Elders in the Branch were able to see a baptism from there sector...her name is I.  She is my age and is going to move to Utah to study medicine.  She is awesome!  The first time we met there was a ¨click¨so I am so happy I will be able to see her after the mission too!!!!

The C family came to visit Chile, because Hna C finished her mission.  They attended Church in the branch so I got to see them which was fun.  S, graduated with me from Nursing School so I was crazy to see her down here.

The awesome experience of the week:  
So we have a investigador named M..who is progressing poco a poco.  But Heavenly Father blessed us a ton.  So basically we were teaching her...but then her sister arrived and wanted to participate in the lesson...and then the husband of her sister came too.  Long story short.  The brother in law named C is a menos activo since his youth.  In the end of the lesson all of them accepted a date for a baptism and we are going to have a lesson with both of the families tonight.  Heavenly Father puts the people in our paths!


Remember who you are.  Remember the purpose of this grow as a child of God, to accept that only with Christ we can achieve our potential, to help our brothers and sisters in this path, and to have JOY!

con mucho cariño 

Hna Duffy

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