Saturday, May 9, 2015


It has been incredible to see the many blessings that Heavenly Father has put into our lives.  My love for each and every one of you has grown more in this past year than I think I have ever felt before..even though we are farther apart.  Heavenly Father knows what our family needs, and as each one of us looked more for the will of God in our lives, our family bond strengthened as we walked forward in faith together.  I wish every family could have the gospel of Christ in their lives to bless and guide them.

We have a family of investigadores named A, M, and A.  M is AMAZING!  Someone mentioned the Word of Wisdom to her first or second sunday in the chapel...and without us saying anything, she has stopped drinking and smoking.  The Spirit is the one who changes hearts.  She is SOO ready for her baptism, but her husband (not legally because they are not married) not so much.  A is the kind of guys that thinks more about the science and logic then to follow his heart.  M wants to progress so much, but we are trying to do it as a family.  Keep them in your prayers.  We left a pamphlet about the importance of a marriage for them, and M told us that she keeps putting it by A and saying ¨Read it¨. jajaja...I have full faith that the Spirit can change his heart just like it did with M.  

Our mission started a new focus with the youth with the ages that qualify with seminary.  Now we are going to have a meeting weekly with the seminary teacher to pick certain teenagers to focus on to get them to go to seminary.  But with this that means we need the support of the whole family!  Thanks mom and dad for driving me to seminary in the morning bright and early ...appreciate it ;)

Cute comment recently:  For lesson 1:  The restoration, there is the image of Christ holding the lamb.  A, the son (6 years old) of A who was just baptized always says...this is Jesus Christ and I am the lamb.  It is incredible to see how in tune the kids are with the spirit.  

Love you tons

Hna Duffy

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