Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Thanks so much for the birthday wishes!!!!!!!!!

I was a great birthday.  I passed the morning with the Hna C (she is seriously the sweetest girl ever).  She made me breakfast and with our morning exercises she did repiticiones of 24. haha.  We had a wonderful lunch with an investigador named M and in the night we celebrated with the Family S.  I did the mordisco of the cake and thanks to my comp Hna C almost a tortazo (when you slam the face into the cake). 

This week was a little different but a week I will never forget.  

First off, I met the new doctor, Dr. C and his wife.  We traveled up to Providencia (where the temple and the CCM are) to have a meeting.  He is a famous plastic eye surgeon from SLC.  He will be learning a lot of General Practice here.  While we were in his office an Elder came in to have a sliver taken out of his finger. I smiled while I watched this doctor lovingly take care of this Elder, and to think in the qualifications of this Dr. and his willingness to serve the Lord.  WOW.  It will be really fun to learn from and work with him.  DAD this could be you in the future ;)

Wednesday, I received the saddest phone call I think I have received in my life.  M (the women who just returned to the church after years of inactividad with her husband O) called us to to say that her husband had a serious accident in his work and that he was now in induced coma in the ICU.  I guess he was working with a compressor (he is a welder/handyman) and the compressor exploded which sent metal flying (which hit his head) and him as well.  And he sustained a open head injury and lost a part of his cerebro.  We received permission from our presidente to visit M in the hospital, and seriously I will never forget this experience.  She has SO much faith and confidence in the Savior.  We believe in miracles but we also believe in the will of God.  She is so grateful that before this accident happened they had put their lives in order again and that Heavenly Father permitted them to repent before this accident. She knows that their sealing in the temple is eternal.  I know Heavenly  Father has a plan for this beautiful family and that He put the gospel of Christ back into their lives (I think I have written about their story a couple weeks ago) and thanks to the Atonement M has peace. It has been amazing to see the support from the branch also...priesthood blessings, prayers, food, etc.  Zion at work here in Valle Grande.  LOVE IT!  The M and O are like my Chilean parents and I am so grateful that Heavenly Father let me be a part of their life. PLEASE keep them in your prayers. 

As a mission we were able to finish the Book of Mormon in Spanish from cover to cover.  I was able to finish it this morning!  Even though I do not understand ever word in spanish, I can feel of its power.  I think my morning studies here in the mission have been some of the most precious moments I have had here.

Cambios today! andddddddd I get to stay here in Valle Grande with Hna C (it will be my 4th cambio here)  yeeahh.  I love this sector tanto!  

I love you guys so much.  Thanks for your prayers.  Thanks for your counsel and words of encouragement. 

Hna Duffy

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