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This week was the first week of this new cambio.  We are focusing on keeping our faith up despite of disappointments.  In the mission we would super hard to set up appointments, but when you have a day when not a single appointment works out this is a trial of your faith.  One starts asking yourself, what is the point of setting up appointments when all of them fall through.....BUT the feeling one has when somebody honors their appointment and the lesson goes well, this is a joy that words cannot describe.  The mission is an emotional roller coster but the thing I have learned is that it is important to confide in Jesus Christ in EVERYTHING:  

I am learning how to live in the moment.  My mind works in a way that there are always like 20 things running through my mind at the same time.  Which it gets to the point that one cannot focus or give something your all because your mind is clustered.  The Spirit will not always compete with a mind plastered with lists and sticky notes of reminders.  We had a Council of Leaders this week and one of the assistentes said something that impacted me mucho.  He said that as missionaries when we are acknowledging the people in the streets (contacts or even just saying hi) that is evidence that we are forgetting ourselves and looking for ways to serve.  I love that!  

O...a miracle happened.  The doctors titered his medications but he stayed in a coma.  He also developed a fever of unknown origen.  But one night he woke up.  Now he can see and hear.  The doctors are confused because the reality (medically minded) he should not even be living.  Because 97 percent of the people who have an accident like he had die instantly.  M (his wife) said, the doctors do not know why he is healing, BUT we do.  How great is the faith of this beautiful daughter of God.  Please keep praying for him, because they are just in the beginning of this path of recovery.  

I started to read Jesus the  

Today we went as a group of hermanas to San Cristobal (it is a mountain turistica here in Santiago).  It is soooooo beautiful.  We visited gardens and lo pasamos chancho ;)  see pics.  I was awesome to drive us and was the best tour guide ever!

I love you guys un montón.

Have a FABULOUS week.

Hna Duffy

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