Tuesday, August 26, 2014


This week lots of this happened.

Yes we did experience a 6.4 terremoto.  Story.  This night was a huge ward activity.  The activity was about different countries (colombia, peru, guatamala, y mexico).  Different foods to try, dances, and facts/history about the countries.  Tanto divertido.  Before the activity the whole chapel started to shake.  By now I am use to the temblores (small quakes) but this one was different.  There could not have been a better place to be than the chapel right...except for the temple.  Everyone handeled the situation well and the night went on.  Another story to write in my mission diary!  

The ward that I am serving in is one of the biggest ones in the area...so many lovely people!  Hna S and I are going to focus more on working with the members of the ward.  By teaching others about the importance of missionary work and how to go about it hopefully we will be able to open more doors.  

Had an intercambio this week with a fantastic Hna.  I love doing intercambios because I always learn so much.  There is no one type of a perfect missionary.  I love to witness as missionaries use their strengths and personalities to share the evangelio.  This is not our work but the Lord´s, and as we give it our all He will make up for our weaknesses.  

Hna S shared an analogy conmigo which me encantó.  Sometimes in our lives we are waiting for the Lord to build us our perfect house that we have imagined for ourselves..and we are so focused on this that we do not see the mansion that He is building for us.  We must accept Him as our Salvador, to accept who He is and what He did.  

This week we had a super Bakán experience with a couple who is menos activo.  We traveled to the Santiago temple and participated with them in a tour of the temple.  We were able to enter the front part of the temple with them.  Temples are the houses of the Lord.  What a difference we could feel through the doors of the temple.  I loved seeing the faces of this couple change as they pondered on the temple and the goal it is in the life of their family.  Everyone is invited to enter the temple, but we must first do our part and be worthy and prepared to enter.

Disfruten su semana.

mucho amor desde Chile.

Hermana Duffy

Oh today for our pday we are going to learn how to make empanadas chileno style with the wife of the couple I just talked about.  So stoked!

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