Friday, August 22, 2014


Another week has flown by..

This week I had the opportunity to present health topics to the new missionaries that arrived in our mission.  Everything from not eating homemade mayo to athletes foot.  During this reunion which was basically all day, during the breaks people would come up to me with questions...everything from creaky knees, a cut on the hand, to fungal infections.  I love working with the missionaries!  Being a nurse is basically being a listener.  I little compassion goes a long way.  I am already preparing in my mind my next topic I want to talk with the missionaries entitled ..Por favor, dont use the left over antibiotics from members!  I will let you know how it goes:)

So much potential in this sector.  We had a really neat experience.  Ferias are super popular here...think outdoor market stands with super rica comida!  There is one in our sector every thursday.  We felt like we should ask the supervisor if we could participate in the feria with a stand.  I know the Spirit led us to this idea, because we have been thinking how to find more people to teach.  The supervisor gave us permiso (he said he has a relative who is a member).  Doors open if we act and listen to the spirit.  I will let you know how it goes!

Thought of the week.  Christ can calm the waves and change the water into wine.  Christ can calm our spirits and change our hearts.

I had a really special experience with a lady who is a menos activa.  She had married a returned missionary, sealed in the temple, has a daughter, and their life was happy.  But do to things that happened, she now is sola con her daughter, working constantly (including sundays) to provide, and has kind of given up on a future in the church.  We were able to share a short clip about temples with her.  She started to cry and said that she has a desire to enter the temple again, but feels like it is too late, and she has too many things to change.  We were able to talk about the atonement, that it is never too late to change, and that if she focuses on one goal at a time (start reading the scriptures etc) her can become digna again to enter the temple.  I felt that I needed to share the experience about Lillian/Nanna and her conversion process. I know this lovely woman can change and can once again feel the joy within the walls of the temple.

Families are eternal

mucho amor

Hna Duffy

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