Sunday, August 17, 2014


This week was different....tons of meetings.  I was able to attend a meeting with the doctors and nurses that are serving in Chile.  We received training on how to support missionaries who are experiencing stress and also how to triage abdominal pain over the phone.  I am sooo stoked to apply the things I learned.  I feel so blessed to rub shoulders with amazing dedicated physicians and nurses who are striving to support the missionaries so they can continue to work.  I am learning so much, it is like going through nursing school another time.  In the next month I will have a smart phone so I will have access to an app to look up medications for the missionaries which will be a blessing.

I had the privelege to do an intercambio with 2 wonderful sisters.  The sector was very much downtown...flashbacks of downtown Salt Lake City.  I felt out of place for the first little bit, because it is very different from my sector.  One of the Hermanas I did an intercambio is ending her mission today.  I was able to talk to her about her mission which was a neat opportunity.  I have been thinking how I do not want any regrets at the end of my mission.  Her all you can in a day, and pray for support and perdon every day.  This is not my is the work of the Lord.  I feel so much peace in my life, as I know I am where I am suppose to be.  I love the schedule of the mission.  Every minute is is not my time but the Lord¨s.  

The mission had cambios today......and......I get to stay with my companion and my sector for another cambio!!!!  My comp. only has one cambio left before she goes home to Argentina.  We have set goals and are going to work work work.  I am so excited to serve with her again.  She is so patient with my language...and has been a huge blessing helping me with the medical calls.  Our goal this cambio is to work on the our mission theme of ¨Servir con gozo¨Serve with joy.  

We can know we are progressing in our testimonies when our desire to share the gospel with others increases.  The reason we attend church is to renew our convenants...and that is why it is important to attend church EVERY week!

Thanks for your love and support

Hermana Duffy

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