Thursday, September 4, 2014


It is officially September!  There is a saying among the locals that basically means (thank goodness we got through August).  The trees are blooming and the gente are starting to prepare for spring.  September is basically a fiesta/feriado here in Chile all month to celebrate their Independence.  People are starting to hang their banderas de Chile and prepare for the festivities.  Think empanadas, music, dancing, etc.  The people here sure love their country!

This week was a little slow, but we were able to feel the promptings of the Spirit and witness milagros/miracles and blessings.  This cambio has been a lot of building up the ward and the members.  The other day we felt like we needed to visit the family of one of the counselors in the bishopric.  We were not sure exactly why but we quickly found out why.  We knocked on their door one night and the wife answered the door.  She was taken back that the Missionaries were visiting her family.  She told us that this is the first time they have ever received a visit from the missionaries in their home.  Her niños were super felices with the visit.  Probably we were in their home for 10 or 15 minutes but I know that we had been prompted to visit this family.  It is easy to think that somebody or a family is ¨fine¨and does not need help...but this is not true.  Everyone needs TLC or the phrase that Hna Seta y yo use (TAC..ternura, amor, cuidados).  As missionaries it is also our role to support and love the people who have already entered the door of baptism and who are trying to preseverar. 

Another experience this week is another strong prompting to visit a Hna.  Hna E. lives in a home with 7 dogs and 7 cats and her friend named Fritz ( he is from Austria but has lived in Chile now for 8 years...his accent is awesome haha).  Both are in their 70s.  We felt like we needed to visit her monday night.  When she opened the door she seriously exclamed LAS HERMANAS!  I love that people appreciate our visits but it is not us it is the presence of the Holy Ghost we can invite into their homes.  I love this Hermana because she has a strong love for animals.(I showed her a pic of Sadie and she loved it;) )  She always says ëvery animal has a spirit¨and cites a reference in DC about this...I still need to find this reference;)  The proximo sábado we had lunch with her and she informed us that is was her birthday wednesday.  This Hermana does not have any siblings and both her parents are deceased.  I am so thankful that as missionaries we are able to work as the hands of the Lord to serve those who need company or something simple like a visit.

My goal this last week was to try everyday to do something a little better.  The Savior learned poco a poco.  He had patience with himself and others.  He is the perfect example of every attribute divine.  

Oh I got a smart phone to handle all the medical calls which has been a blessing..and I will be able to have an app for medications too..epocrates whoot whoot.

I am learning that as a missionary sometimes my role is to just to listen to people.  As we listen we will recognize more of their needs, and the Spirit can do the rest.

mucho amor

Hermana Duffy

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