Monday, September 22, 2014


I love being a missionary!  It was an interesting week because we had many things to do outside of our sector, but there are so many ways to serve!

I was able to present the new plan of salud in the Zone Conference!  And it went super well, and it was greatly received by the missionaries!  It was interesting because when the different zones were talking about their numbers muchas veces they noted that some of their missoneries had been sick.  I am stoked to work on this project to empower the missionaries with the knowledge to prevent problems of salud from happening so they can spend more time working.  The name is T.A.C (templo a cuidar).  Hna V and I are going to work on the goals to impliment.  

A dream came true!!!! I got to wear a Mormon Helping Hands bib, during a service project Whoot Whoot.  This Saturday was a worldwide day of service.  Half of our mission traveled to the campo (country) south of Santiago for the project.  The country is sooo beautiful in our mision.  Check out Los Andes y Curacavid.  We painted along the main street, walls, houses, etc.  It was a miracle because it was raining in the beginning of the project but stopped, and then rained again after we finished.  My comp and I were painting this wall and a abuelito passed us to buy groceries.  When he passed us again, he gave us each a chocolate bar and his thanks.  Tan lindo!

Other highlights of this week:
-a new convert whom we have been working a lot with gave his first talk in the sacrament meeting.  So proud of him.  The topic was the Abrahamic Covenant (a poco difícil por su primera vez cierto??)  
-the wife (of the couple we visited the templo with earlier) attended sacrament meeting this week!!!! so so so happy.  The ward was awesome and gave her mucho support.

Durante the Zone conference, I learned so much.  The misioneros that are leaving after this cambio..including my comp...bore their testimonios.  I realized that en the end, we as misioneros are not going to be perfect...but that is not the point of a mission.  A change of heart is the clave.  To accept Christ as the Salvador, to dedicate the rest of your life to the work, and to confide en the Atonement, because we need His mercy every day in our lives. 

Mucho amor,

Hna Duffy

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