Wednesday, September 10, 2014


(Found a book of mormon at the top of the tower someone left :)

¿Cómo están po?  I am pretty sure I say this every week but this week literally flew by! 

Everything from planning a new health program in the mission, to running around in the rain to lessons, to an intercambio I am loving being a missionary.

So the other day Hna S and I were brainstorming what we could do to improve the health of the missionaries.  It is one thing to respond to the calls after the problem, but it is another thing to prevent problems...and CLICK.  I love the mission because I am learning to recognize the Spirit as my guide.  I am praying that this program will help our mission a little more with the health of our missionaries!!!  Basically every 3 weeks (half way through a cambio) the mission will have a new goal.  Por ejemplo to drink more water ( a specific amount every day ).  Every compañerismo will receive points por every day that they complete this goal.  But to make it more intisive we are making it a competition between zones.  And yes there will be prizes...whoot whoot!  Hna V (mp wife) is super excited about the plan and we are going to present it this next week at the zone conferences.  I will let you know how it goes!

Cool experience this week.  We were invited by one of our investigadores to tomar once (basically a small dinner) with her, her son and his wife.  The whole time the daughter in law and son basically throw out questions at us.  By the end of the hour I think we hit almost every point in all the lessons.  They do not live in our sector but hopefully we were able to set a foundation for them in the future.

Lesson learned about speaking spanish this week...the accent over a letter is super important.  
During my intercambio I will helping to teach a man from Colombia.  I asked a question but since I didnt stress the accent he thought it was a statement ...porque vs-por qué.  The joke know is that I am going to carry a sign with a question mark on it and flash the sign at the person before I ask a question ;)

Chile continues to prepare for the feriado 18th of this month.  It is basically a rule that each house needs to hang a flag. RED WHITE and BLUE same colors

Today we went to Santa Lucia it...super pretty.  

I have been thinking a lot about why do hard/bad things happen to good people.  We get asked this question all the time by people.  My thoughts on this are, we accepted this plan knowing that it would not be easy, but we knew that it would be possible through Christ.  Salvación is not a ¨cheap opportunity¨(Pres. Holland).  Our lives are times to learn and progress.  How would we learn to rely and confide in God and Christ if everything was perfect in our lives.  Christ is always ready to help pull our burdens with us.  He is ready to stand by our side in the yoke and pull with us.  His strength is more than we can do by ourselves.  But as we give our all, He makes up all the difference.  I read the Prodical Son passage this week.  I love that the Father ran to the son while the son was still far away.  As we turn to the Lord, our path still might have mountains to climb, but we will have a guide and all the things we need to preseverar.  

Thank you for your love, your examples, and your faith.

Hermana Duffy

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