Tuesday, July 29, 2014


A week of changes and miracles.  Presidente V changed the daily schedule for the missionaries.  His vision for the mission is to have a mission full of joyful, energetic missionaries.  Entonces,  the new schedule is that we wake up an hour earlier now...have dinner as part of our schedule...an hour of studies during the afternoon...to bed earlier...emphasis on exercises in the morning...and an extra our for our p day but now we only have an hour to write letters...so if this one is a little short there is a reason:)  I am excited to see how these changes affect the missionaries.  I think the health and excitement for the work will increase, because before the schedule was basically that we would leave the apartment at 12 in the afternoon and return at 9 or 10 with an hour for lunch.  This change will make it so we will need to plan our time even more effectively!  I am learning a lot about trusting the counsel of leaders.  When we have faith in the dirrection of our leaders, we are showing our faith for the power of the priesthood, and that Christ is over the work.  I am thankful for the time I will be able to serve with Pres. V. I feel like I will learn a lot from him!

This week was a time of reaping.  So many new investigadores...Hna S and I are running around trying to visit all that we can.  There is also a big push to work more with the members also.  A very tender mercy...A sister in the ward..Hna C called us crying one morning...she was sick and nobody in here family was home.  The next day we were able to visit with her...sing..pray...talk about her doubts and trials.  This last Sunday..she bore testimony about this experience.  Small acts of kindness can change lives.  It was not us, but the Spirit that comforted her heart, but I am so grateful for the opportunity to have a first row seat to watch the Spirit and the truth of the Gospel of Christ change lives.  Dios es un dios de milagros.  

We are going to have a baptism in 2 weeks.  A sweet sister who is so ready to enter through the door of baptism.  So many changes she has made in her life to prepare, and I know there are tanto bendiciones ahead for her.  

The craziness of the flu and cold season is dying down.  I have my Chilean drugs for congestion down pretty well;)

Funny story...so there is a dog that lives in the sector we have been spending most of our time in.  The perro de Hades..I am pretty sure it has rabies..if no it something else is going on in that scruffy head of his.  Last week..I almost busted through a persons door because it was charging us.  I now have a deeper understanding why so many RMs are not to keen on dogs.  Anyway, I was on a intercambio with a Sister Leader.  She said what she does is she carries bread with her, and will throw bread at the dog to eat if it is bothering her.  So we bought bread that night, but by the time we were around his territory we had already eaten the bread...there went our plan jaja.  I also found out that she has been bitten twice by dogs..so maybe I should not trust her advice;)  Perros are always a topic of conversation...Dad you were gummed by a toothless dog on your mission..right!?!

Miracle contact in the street..her name is M.  She is my same age, and she was super receptive to the invitation to be taught.  We were able to teach her the first lesson yesterday...she suffers from depression and during the lesson she stated that she felt so much paz.  She accepted a fecha for baptism with fuerte and estoy tan animada por ella.  

The Gospel is true. 

Dios es nuestro padre celestial

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