Wednesday, July 16, 2014


So many milagros or miracles this week.  One was we were invited back to teach a family that we thought did not want to hear from us again.  The first time we taught them I felt the Spirit sooo strongly.  If they could only fully know the blessings that come from the Gospel.  The 2nd lesson the Spirit was pounding with strength in the room.  The sister of the mother was also participating in the lesson started crying...and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity I had to bare testimony (still working on being about to teach in Spanish).  The Spirit is the true teacher!  18 months of serving is worth experiencing this lesson with this family.  I will never forget the love of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ  I felt in this home.  The gospel changes lives...and serving a mission I have had time to reflect on how it has changed mine.

Also this week I was able to do an intercambio with the Sister leaders.  They live more in the country and it was fun traveling out their and learning from them.  So Friday night I was told that I would be giving a discurso en Sacrament meeting.  The theme was Missionary Work...and I decided to focus on the Charity behind the work.  Funny part...still most people have a hard time understanding all of my spanish.  One mom came up to me after and said that her son asked her during my talk if I was giving a talk in english haha.  Too funny.  Poco a Poco.

Hna Duffy

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