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This week was busy with traveling!  On Saturday we organized a meeting for the doctors (both physical and mental health) of all the missions in Chile to meet with Presidente y Hna Vi y yo in the mission office to talk about the sistema medical in our mission.  I am excited to work closely with Hna V to ensure the missionaries are taken care of.  What a blessing it is to work closely with the leaders and to learn from their examples.  Presidente y Hna V son bakàn!  So chileno and they know the things that the people who live here need.  They have huge hearts and are going to do great things for the mission.  

Special experience of the week...
We taught a lesson over the Plan of Salvation with a family ( mother and 4 children ) this week.  We have been trying to work a lot with them.  The two things that are road blocks are the parents need to become legally married and the family needs to attend church.  They have the testimonio and now they need to act.  Me encanta teaching families the plan of salvacion.  My friend Tiffani sent me a puzzle about the Plan of Salvacion in español and the kids loved using the pieces as we taught.  When we talked about the importance of baptism...the kids started jumping for joy and asking their mom if they could get baptised.  One of the daughters (9 yrs) has read more out of the Book of Mormon I think than any of our other investigadors.  When we set a meta and a fecha or date for them to work towards for baptism...the kids did a big group hug with us.  Tan lindo...I love this family and I want to do everything in my power with the help of the Spirit for this family to be baptized so they can be sealed together as a family for eternity.  The hijos or children love the song ¨Yo soy un hijo de Dios¨ and they want to sing it basically every lesson.  I love the hearts of the intune with the Spirit.  Their cat`s name is now GRINGA and GRINGO are friends :)  

I love meeting the people here...everyone has a story...fears...hopes.  As we center our mind and heart on Jesucristo we can find purpose, comfort, and perdon.  The gospel is true.  Jesucristo lived and lives.  I have been studying the theme of thoughts...and how to focus my thoughts to become more christlike.  Faith in Christ is not solely a belief...fe in christ needs to be in the very core of our almas or souls.  I am thankful for this time to learn.  I am thankful for the patience Jesucristo y mi padre celestial have with me as I work towards becoming a representative of them with the help of the Espiritu Santo.

I love studying the Book of Mormon in spanish because it forces me to focus on the meaning of every work and phrase.  

I love Chile.  I love the gospel.  I love this work...the work of the Lord to bring others to Him

Thank you for your letters and support.

Hermana Duffy

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