Tuesday, October 6, 2015


It has been another wonderful week, down here in Santiago Chile.  We just got out of the Cambios meeting (Hna Henry and I will be staying in our sector!!!).  Arriving to our group we will have 2 new hermanas, and 2 hermanas coming from the MTC , which means we will be plenty busy for the next 6 weeks!

I am so grateful for the cambio we just ended...and it ended with a bang!  Wedding, conference, and baptism.  I sent a ton of pics for you guys to get a taste of how it went.  Can I just say, planning a wedding is the most stressful thing ever..haha.  But we have seen soooooooo many miracles in the process.  The registros civil here in Santiago went on strike, so many people can not get married right now.  Justo before all of this Juliana and Martin were able to fix a time with the judge to get married.  Saturday Oct 3 at 7:30 pm...literally right between the sessions of General Conference here.  Our blessed Mission President let us have the reception in the mission office and it was a great opportunity to share the gospel with the friends and family in the reception too!  This newly created family already has the goal to go to the temple in a year, and they will be blessing this sector and ward greatly.

Conference was the best!!!!!!!!  Love the idea about doing the weekly scripture together as a family.  Im in!  This cambio I am going to focus my studies in the hope and the gratitude, so probably my selected scriptures will be about that.  I love Pres Monson, and I am so thankful for his diligence and faith.  I can not even imagine the responsibility and the weight that he holds.  I remember saying this last week...how tiring it can be to literally be responsible for the well being of so many people.  How weird it would be just to be thinking in the wellbeing of one person.  To live the gospel does not mean that we are perfect, but it means that we keep trying and in the process help the people in our sphere of influence.  

I can not even explain the blessing and miracles we see every day.  The hand of God is in our lives.  One simple story that happened this week...we are looking for a new sector to focus in...which means knocking doors.  We were knocking doors one morning without any success...until we entered a little passage, and literally the last door in the passage (which was actually a door of a gate with a number) is when God put someone in our hands.  Diligence, faith, hope....love it. Another story...we passed by for a young teenager in our sector, when we left we forgot to give her the note from a missionary that had served in the sector before.  We felt like we should go back to give her the note in that moment, even though it was something small.  Literally 10 seconds after turning around to head back, a man approached us that basically asked us if we could pass by his house the next week because he had seen on the TV something about the temple here in Chile. This is not  my work, nor the work of my comp...we are very weak tools in the masters hand to carry about this beautiful work. 

Love you guys more than I can express

Hna Duffy

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