Saturday, October 24, 2015


Love the mission.  Seriously.  The gospel of Jesus Christ is the real life, the purpose of this life.  

So we have started to do intercambios with our group of hnas this week.  This cambio we only have 4 comps in our group, which makes it a little easier.  We have two new hnas which makes it really fun.  It is amazing to see the excitement and the light that the new missionaries bring into the field.  

Hmm.  I seriously have a hard time thinking about what I want to share with you guys.  It is amazing to see the hand of God in His work.  In the mission we learn a lot in the way to see His hand.  He could do the work on his own, but He allows us to participate with Him to prepare the world for the second coming of Christ.  

This week in our District Class we read a scripture that I loved.  DC 84:77.  Christ should be our best friend.  He is a friend that accepts us how we are and helps us to become better.  As we confide in His power, we will learn more in who we truely are.  We are not defined by our titles, weaknesses, or accomplishments.  We are children of God, and with this title we will have the hope and the faith to keep on trying.  

We had an interesting experience this week.  So we were in route to a Clinic to help an elder with his doctors appointment, because the mission presidents wife was in a conference.  We were not exactly sure how to get to the clinic so we were asking people in the metro (train underground...a subway is the word right???)  While we were talking with a worker, a young man approached us and asked you remember me?  His name is Pancho.  Honestly I did not remember his face, but he told us that he was going to a place right by the clinic.  During this trip I was thinking he was a member from a differnt ward or something.  Because he had this "light"with him.  But when we went our way, I asked my comp Hna Henry and she reminded me that Pancho was a contact we had done.  And there was a click.  When we contacted him, hace tiempo, he was smoking outside his house and told us that he was atheist basically but that we could pass by. For me, this experience showed me that Heavenly Father has a way in preparing people.  Poco a poco.  

My invite to you guys this week.  Press humble service, without receiving recognition.  (read alma 48:17-19)

Find joy in the journey.

Love you guys

Hna Duffy 

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