Monday, April 6, 2015


This week was a little slow but we were blessed this Sunday with having 6 investigadores assist the sacrament meeting!  We had to add more chairs like 3 or 4 times during the meeting because people keep coming in.  The family Godoy, The family S (I probably did not spell that correctly), A and A (A is going to be baptized in 2 sundays), and a family of menos activos assisted to for the first time in a long time.  Whoot Whoot.  Learning that patience and diligencia pay off in the end.  The blessings do not always come when we want but they always come.

The Church has a new video which we have been using a lot this last week about the Pascua...Watch it ...Love it!  It has been super nice in this sector because we have a pen drive with mormon messages that we use (almost as good as the ipads that other missions have haha). 

I RAINED THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!  I don´t think it has rained her for like 7 months...seriously. And there was thunder and lightening too which made it that much better.  The only changes we had had in the weather/nature have been earthquakes so it was a nice change.  However, the north part of Chile was greatly affected by the rain.  Please keep them in your prayers during this hard time that they are passing.

So I love the family S so much.  They have one child named A.  He is 5 y.o.  He usually participates in the lessons which has been fun.  For example when we are choosing a hymn to sing he asked us ¨does this song talk about Dios too?!?!?)  He calls us ¨las niñas¨ and he is seriously tooo cute.  But anyways yesterday he was wanting to give the final prayer.  And this is how the prayer went.....Dear Heavenly Father.....thank you for my new friends in the church....please forgive my mom because she smiled during the first prayer...and also my dad because he has his eyes open right now too, amen.   A prayer directly from the heart.

A story in why it is important to FULLY understand what people are saying.  My comp was contacting a lady outside her house.  She asked her ...¨What are you doing?¨ The lady responded smoking....and my comp did not hear her correctly so she replied..´oh! how fun!´  I think this surprised this women...a little bit. 

You need to watch this video clip.  Search Pres. Eyring-how the missionaries calls are assigned (not sure the title exactly) but it is AMAZING.  I know that your mission call is inspired and the Lord has called you to your mission for a reason.

GENERAL CONFERENCE this weekend!  The branch is going to broadcast the sessions and during the breaks there will be a lunch in between.  SO EXCITED!!!!! 

I am so grateful to know that Christ LIVES.  I know He lives, I can feel His love, and the power of the Atonement which He offers us.  I read a talk by Elder Bednard in this months Liahona which talked about the Atonement.  Often we focus in the repentence power that the Atonement has, but we forget about it´s enabling power.  The power He gives us to overcome challenges and to help us become the kind of person He knows that we have the potencial to be.  I know that He is guiding His church through His living prophet, Pres. Thomas S. Monson.  I know that when we confide in Him, He will lead us to where we need to go.  This kind of faith in Him is the only way to find true peace in this life. 

Love you guys MUCHO MUCHO MUCHO,

Hna Duffy

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