Saturday, March 21, 2015


We started this cambio strong as a trio.  We have been doing divisions with members from the branch which has been do double the work at the same time.

This week was full:

-Council of Leaders:  learned more about the enfoque of the importance to teach about the spirit of Elijah and the temple to the investigadores.

-Painted the living room of a family (the parents were menos actives and their daughters were bautized recently).

-Pday with the hermanas of the distrito de Colina.  We spent the afternoon in the ¨Centro¨of Santiago (mapocho, el mercado central, etc).

-Awesome lesson with M.  Long story short...we were teaching her about the book of mormon, and when we showed her the book, she basically said...Oh I have that book because a friend of mine gave me a copy and I have been wanting to read it.  She told us that she has been feeling like she needs to do something for herself and she feels like reading the Book of Mormon is the answer she has been needing!

Love the mission

Love you guys

Hna Duffy

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