Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Cómo está mi familia ?????

We finished the cambio with many blessings!  We have been praying that personas would let us enter their houses...and Dios answered our prayers this week...but even more than we asked for.

C (who is now super active in the iglesia) is fantastica!!!  There are people that I have met here in the mission, that I know that we were friends in heaven before this life....premortal friends.  She carries this light, and here is the cool thing that happened with her this week.  Her husband (who is inactivo) has been working for 2 months far away in the northern part of Chile.  He suprised her this last Saturday by coming home early whoot whoot (new person to enfocar in).  And despite all of that she still attended all 3 hours of Church.  Maybe that does not sound like a big deal...but it is.  She is reading the book of mormon, doing her family history, and attends church solo each week.  She knows that Heavenly Father is blessing her and her family, and she is not letting anything get in the way of this promise she has made to stay faithful.  What a great example!

In the beginning of this cambio we contacted this young man named Ma.  He told us that he is atheist but he accepted the idea of a later visit.  Two weeks away más o menos we contacted his mom who also invited us come back another day.  We passed by 3 or 4 times during this time but without any success.  This last week my comp felt like we should pass by again.. and the mom Mar let us in!  All of the kids were there too.  I have had some lessons in the mission what I will NEVER forget...and this is one of them.  I felt super strongly that we should share a video (which we usually do not do with the first lesson) with them to begin the lesson ¨Gracias a El¨watch it if you havent yet!  I suggested this idea to my comp and she agreed.  (After the lesson she told me that she received the same inspiration...I LOVE when the Spirit inspires both of the comps!!!)  WOW.  This family is so prepared to hear the gospel.  She told us about an accident she had which left her in coma for almost a month, and about a year later her husband left the family.  The spirit was SO strong as she testified about her faith and trust in God.  Hna Clark asked her daughter in the end of the lesson..how would you feel to start a new life with a baptism.  Her eyes light up and she said PEACE!  Keep the Family L in your prayers.  

Another lesson bacán was with a family we met through doing service.  One night the mom was outside painting her gate and we stopped and asked if we could help.  She accepted and after she invited us to stop by for once or dinner that next sunday.  I have a strong testimony now how doing service opens up the hearts of people.  

We have been doing classes of english with a lady in our branch.  We decided to show her a video which we randomly picked from the church website to listen to together in english.  The video was about this grandson who was able to strengthen his relationship with his grandfather through doing family history.  After the video we asked her some questions, and she began to cry because recently she has been having dreams about a cousin of hers that passed away along time ago.  She wants to do the work in the temple for him but she is having a hard time finding the dates.  We were able to testify to her about the power of family history and that she will have heavenly help as she continues to look for these dates.  Nothing is coincidence...but inspired.  Prayers are answered in soooo many ways.

Funny incidence of this week.  We had an investigadora leave during the middle of a lesson because her cat was meowing none stop.  She went outside began yelling at the cat, picked up the hose and soaked the cat, walked back into the house and felt a lot better.  You had to be there ;)

Today was the day of cambios.....drum roolllll.  Hna C and I are staying in Valle Grande.  BUT we are going to serve as a trio now with Hna Y.  The mission president wants Hna Y and I to get to know this sector super well...because pretty soon there is a great chance that we will be forming a rama in Valle Grande.  WHOOT WHOOT.  Hna Yourstone is great.  I know that we are going to get a lot of jokes....she is really tall too;)  

I love you guys ton.  

Hna Duffy

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