Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Wow it continues to snow there in Ohio eh!  Give Sadie a big hug from me.  It is funny because I remember talking to returned missionaries before the mission that would say that they had a strong hatred towards dogs...I understand this more now in the mission hahaha.  But I am sure I will have a change of heart after the mission....I hope.

Talking about dogs....story.  So almost every morning Hna Clark and I run ....usually it goes something like this.  Yo:  Hna. do you want to run this morning or do exercises inside (and I am hoping that she says the latter).  Her response:  RUN!.  I have never had a strong passion for running, but I am learning poco a poco to enjoy our morning runs.  Anyway.  One morning there was a herd of dogs and one of the dogs (a pitbull ...huge....pitbull) followed us.  We crossed the street back and forth like 6 times to try to convice him to leave us alone..,.but he was super loyal and followed us.  When other dogs came up to bother him He hid behind us which put us in a predicament.  In the end he followed us all the way to our front door (see pic). Having a pitbull follow you is motivation to keep running forward.  We are now famous in Valle Grande as the girls that run in the morning.  Here in Chile, most of the people do Zumba or lift weights for exercises.  Almost everyday we do a contact in the street and they ask us...are you the girls that are always running in the morning haha.  It is one way to start a conversation right?

Today we had an activity of all the hermanas líderes.  We painted and decorated shirts with spray paint. Love the hermanas in the mission TONS!!!!!

What else has happened this week......Nina received her confirmation.  It is crazy how Satan attacks a person before and after a big spiritual step like a baptism.  The week after her baptism she became super ill...a bladder infection and stone algo así so she was not able to attend church the next sunday to receive her confirmation.  Then this last week, some other things happened, but she was able to beat these temptations and receive her confirmation.  Now with the gift of the Holy Ghost she has more support and strength.  

C is officially reactivated as a member of the branch!!!!!!!!!  (see pic).  

We had our Zone Conference this week to!  Guess What !!!!! I got to travel to the campo campo (the most country) part of the mission for the conference.  Imagine hills of vineyards of grapes ready to eat.  SOOO pretty.  Seriously this country has everything..beach, mountains, desert, llamas, penguins, volcanos.  In the conference the theme was about the Gathering of Israel. I am not sure if I have already mentioned this but...STUDY IT!.  We live in this time of the gathering of Israel..The last dispensation.  We need to help are brothers and sisters remember about their heritage and the plan of God that they have already accepted to live.

I love the mission.  Serve with Joy and Suffer with Joy is one of the phrases of our mission. I have felt the most peace and joy here in the mission than I have had in my whole life.  I know that my Heavenly Father wants me here in Chile for now and I am grateful that through prayer we can learn what is His will for us.

Love you

I am soooooo proud of Cam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hna Duffy

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