Tuesday, April 14, 2015


We have been running around this week.  I seriously could use por lo menos 5 more hours every day to finish what I would like to accomplish.  I am so grateful for the confidence that Heavenly Father has in me to serve in this sector

'  the keyboard of this computer does not work really well so I am sorry if there are a montón de errores....or more than usual.  Papa Palmer.....might need to give me grammer lessons after the mission....please. 

Between another intercambio en Lampa, a Zone Conference in Los Andes, a musical concert in Batuco, a health blessing in Conchali, I think I have officially learned the art form of using the public transportation here.  This is usually how it goes...we wait for a bus to pass a corner by our house which takes us to the highway, we get off on the side of the highway to walk over an overpass to the other side of the highway, where we wait for another bus to take us to the city.  The drivers of the buses here have a talent...they can squeeze the bus in whatever spot that is necessary....I am talking about pure talent.

We were blessed this sunday!  We travel in a big van to Batuco for church because there is not a chapel here in Valle Grande.  We have named it el micro de mormones.  micro means bus.  But a couple named Osvaldo and Maria assisted for the first time in years to the church!!!!!!!!!  They are menos actives that were sealed in the temple and everything.  I think I already told you guys a little about them...but it has been AMAZING to the the softening of their hearts.  I KNOW that Heavenly Father put them in our path.  They are going to be great leaders in the future for this branch.  

A is going to be baptized this next sunday.  Her date was moved so we could verify a few things before, but it has been awesome to see her progress.  When we met her she was without work and suffering in lots of ways.  Now she has 3 jobs, someone is renting a room in her house, and she is recogonizing more the hand of God in her life.  

I can not express entirely how full my heart, with the blessing that I have received and the miracles and blessings I have seen in the lives of others here in the mission.  I love my Heavenly Father.  He knows me better than I know myself..and He is patient with my weaknesses.  Jesus Christ lives.  He is in your life, and His Atonement not only lets us repent but to have the strength to keep going.  

mucho amor

Hna Duffy

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