Tuesday, April 14, 2015


This week was super different....meetings, conferencias, etc.  We were happy to have every hour that we did to work in our sector.  

Tuesday we received a call from the assistentes.  They told us that are trio was now going to be a duo again.  Hna Y is now in my old sector Vivaceta 1, which is in the city.  I miss her tons.......I loved working as a trio.  But with each change we need to have faith in the inspired changes.  I know that our mission president, Presidente V was called of God to guide us here in this mission Santiago Norte.

LOVED conference.  When we have prepared questions, and have prepared ourselfs spiritually to receive answers...Heavenly Father answers them through her servents and the prophet.

We are going to see a baptism in the branch this next sunday...and we are super excited for A to open the door of baptism so she can continue to progress and receive more blessings in her life.

For my birthday the only thing I want are letters, and things I can hand out to members here.  I will think about it this week and will let you know;)  

Today -pday was the birthday of my comp Hna C.  We met up with the other missionaries in Lampa and climbed a mountain....It was super fun!!!!!!  I really think I will need to always live close to the mountains.  After we had a lunch with the family C from our sector.  

Love you guys TONS!!!!!!!!

Hna Duffy

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