Friday, September 4, 2015


Thank you for your letters and words of inspiration!  They mean more to me than you know.

So I don’t have much time (sorry I think I am writing that every week haha) but I want to tell you guys about a experience we had this week.

So J and M are progressing.  It is amazing.  After every lesson with them I leave feeling like I am walking on Cloud 9 (the spirit is so strong in the lessons with them).  We passed by to teach them about the Priesthood, which is a lesson I love to teach!  But before the lesson, J told us that she has been praying a lot to know if the Book of Mormon is from God, because she had doubts.  She told us a couple days ago, she prayed and opened up her Bible to a random page and the first thing that she read was a part in the dictionary of her bible that was explaining about the Eurim and Thumin (dont know how to spell that in English ahora).  And the spirit testified to her in this moment that the BOM and the Bible go hand in hand and that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God.  WOW!!!!  I love to see the hand of God in His work, and He knows what kind of experiences people need to recognize the answers to their prayers.


Hna H and I are already seeing many miracles, and Heavenly Father is blessing us with a lot of new people to teach.

LOVE you guys tons

LIVE the gospel of Christ in everything you do.  If something that you are doing does not have a eternal importance, maybe we do not need to do it.  Pray so that your prayers reach the heavens (like it says in Enos)

Hna Duffy

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