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September here in Chile is crazy!  The weather is warming up are we are headed into spring.  I love the plants here...even the trees that are blooming that smell like tuna fish are really pretty.  There are so many plants I want to put in my suitcase for the future, but I doubt they would survive!

September means it is like the 4th of July....but for a month long.  But instead of water games and fireworks, the people here eat a lot of asado (meat meat meat), dance the queca (youtube it) and eat more empanadas.  Yah I am already planning on bringing a tupperware in my backpack, because we are going to receive a LOT of food this month...oh boy.  Mom the only thing I want to eat in the house will be salad…seriously.

J and M are progressing!!!!  We are still visiting with them a ton which has been a blessing in my personal life to see hearts change.  
Some moments with them that we had this week:
-preface...it is so hard to put the moments into words to fully express them but I will try.

-J is quitting the coffee whoot whoot.  She was so proud to show us her Ecco (wheat drink)
-We planned a lesson about Family History and the work in the temple.  Before the lesson M told us since we started visiting with him he has been dreaming a lot about his best friend who has passed away...and he felt like he needs to do something for him.  Wow.  I have not seen anyone get so excited to do their family history.
-J shared her testimony in the sacrament meeting this last Sunday.  It was a moment I would have liked to have filmed.  
-We are going to plan a wedding! 

The members in the ward here have been a great support to help this family keep going in this conversion process.  LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY.  It is incredible.  Literally this is not our word.  Heavenly Father does it all.  He works through imperfect instruments to carry about His work.  

Cool experience.  So we were contacting antiguos (from a list that the missionaries did 1 to 2 years ago).  We passed by a house to find someone named M.  But a jovencita answered the door and told us that he did not live there, but she let us in to share a message with her.  During this visit I felt so strongly that Heavenly Father had led us to her.  Part of the mission is to do our part in the way we know how, but to realize that Heavenly Father will guide us in the end.
Other experience.  We were passing by a family that had met with the missionaries before too, but were not progressing so the missionaries stopped passing by.  We knocked their door, and their daughter L answered.  She asked her mom if she wanted to let us in, and her mom said for us to pass by in an hour.  Which we did.  When we passed by the mom se llama Domi, told us that she had been wanting to see the missionaries again because the last week she had a dream in the which she saw two paths.  One path was things of the world, and the other path there was the Mormon church.  In this path, their was a Elder completely dressed in white teaching her.  People here in Chile are really aware and in tune with their dreams.  And for this dream she feels like she needs to open up her heart again to the missionaries.  

To end I want to share something from my studies.  I have been studying about humility.  Today I read in Alma 4:8.  It is so true.  In this day in age we sometimes are so focused in our needs, ourselves, that we compare ourselves with others rather than focusing in the worth and needs of others.  I love learning about the attributes of Christ.  My invitation to each of you is to pick a attribute and to pray, study, and set goals to develop it your lives.  

Love you more can words can express


Hna Duffy   

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