Tuesday, July 28, 2015



I am sooo happy for Cameron (mom will you send my letter to him..por fa ;) ).

So this week was packed.
I am traveling a lot more which has been fun to work in a lot of different 
sectors.  I love the misioneras in my group.  It has been a lot of fun 
working with them and seeing their unique strengths, talents, and ways 
to work in the obra de salvación.  
We celebrated pioneer day (24th) the traditional way...we walked a lot 
haha.  It is amazing to think in the faith that the pioneers had.  They did 
not know where Zion was exactly but they had faith that Heavenly Father 
did.  I feel like that sometimes as a missionary.  We leave our apartment
 in the morning praying that the Spirit will lead us to the people who are 
honestly prepared to accept the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Patience is an 
atributo divino de Jesucristo.

I honestly can not think of a time in my life when I was so happy.  
I like a quote that Dad wrote me a long time ago...but I use it a lot.  
A mission is not a numbers game.  Even when I do not have the best 
`numbers` in the mission, if I have love for the people, confidence in the 
atonement, and trying my best, Heavenly Father will do the rest.  READ 
Alma 26:31.  I am so grateful for the patience that my Heavenly Father 
has with me.  We of all people, who know the gospel of Jesus Christ, 
should be the happiest people of all.  There is nothing to complain 
about, because we have this hope and peace knowing that the plan
 of God is perfect.

We had a Leadership Council this week and one misionera comported 
this scripture which I loved.  Helaman 7:7-9.  Basically for me this is 
talking about the syndrome `the grass is greener on the other side`. 
 The only person with whom we can compare ourselves is our former 
self with our current self, and our current self with Christ.  I know I am 
where I am for a reason.  

Some awesome experiences happened this week, but they are too
 long to tell in this letter.  But I will share one experience super bacon 
from this week.  So we are passing by the old investiagadores (people
 who listened to the missionaries before.)  The last week, we talked
 with a abuelita and she told us to pass by a different day.  So this 
week we passed by, but she was not there.  But this man came out 
and talked with us and told us to come in.  When we went in there 
was a group of his familiares.  To put in better words, his cousin, 
and his uncle who were there ended up being members.  Everyone
 are not active members, besides the uncle who is super active.  We 
were able to compart with them about the priesthood and the temple. 
 It was so awesome to see, that is was not chance, to have found
 all of them together in the house of this abuelita.  Heavenly Father 
knows where we need to go and to be.

Love you guys a ton.

mucho mucho

en serio

su hermanita y hijita

Hna Duffy

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