Monday, July 13, 2015


I have loved reading you letters.  You guys are receiving so many blessings, siga adelante with your faith and diligence, and share this joyous testimony with the people that Heavenly Father puts in your path.

So this week, was a week of patience.  My comp Hna C has been off and on sick for 2 cambios, but this last week, the last week of the cambio, her body gave out.  She has pneumonia or a SUPER bad case of bronchitis (with her asthma).  So we spent the majority of the week in casa.  It was weird...really weird to be inside.  She literally slept for like a week, so I had time to read a lot, organize and clean the house more than once, and to ponder about lots of things.  It actually was a week that I will never forget.  I am grateful that I could be there for my comp and to feel the peace of the spirit.  I could feel the love of our Heavenly Father soo much and even during a trial bien difìcil, He helped us through it.  

and today.....we had cambios.

After 4 cambios (6 weeks=one can do the math haha) I have left Valle Grande.  I think I have grown as a person and a missionary more during my time there than I thought was possible.  I am so grateful that Heavenly Father allowed me to meet so many wonderful people and to have so many experiences that have helped to mold and form me. Now I am in the city again and actually almost the same sector as before.

Independencia .....(is the neighbor of my sector anterior of Vivaceta).

I am Lìder numero 2 with Hna F (the most angelic person I have met...she is going to teach me a lot).  We are over 5 compañerismos of misioneras, which means I will be traveling a LOT doing intercambios...Whoot whoot!

It will be a culture shock again for me (Valle Grande is basically like a normal residencial neighborhood sector) to return to the hustle and bustle of the city, but I have faith that we will see miracles this cambio!

I wrote a list this last week of some of the most interesting medical calls I have received and I thought I would share a couple of them with excited.

-Elder called super worried that he had overdosed on her flintstone vitamins...eatting 3 instead of 2.

-Elder called worried because his snot was white, and he thought that meant he had diabetes,

-Elder called to ask me if he could eat or use frozen chicken he had in his freezer even though the date was expired.

-Elder called because his pee was slightly pink after donating blood, but he also told me that he had eatten a LOT of beets that week.

-Elder called stating that he had diarrhea and constipation.  So a member gave him a natural remedy to help with this which ended up being a tea of horse poop. And surpise..He was not feeling tooo good after that.

These are just a few.  I love the opportunity to teach some of the missionaries as the nurse.  Cam....please learn a few medical things from Dad before you head out to france...okay;)

The gospel of Christ is my life.  The mission is helping understand how to live this heavenly plan.  Love my Savior, and all He has done for me and continues to do.

Love you guys more than you know.  Un abrazo (hug) muy fuerte

con harto cariño

Hna Duffy

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