Monday, July 13, 2015


CHILE won the american cup!!!!!! For the first time ever!  Yay everyone celebrated big time.  We had to enter the house at 5pm.  We were able to listen to the screams and cheering of our neighbors to know who was pretty obvious.

I have been thinking a lot about modern prophets lately.  Many people ask us ....if there is a modern prophet right now, what miracles have they done.  I have been thinking about that a lot.  Moses split the red sea, Noah built the ark.  I KNOW that Pres Monson is the living prophet today.  Maybe he has not moved a mountain, but the miracles are not the acts of the prophets they are the miracles of God that are done with the the authority of Him.  When I listen and read the words of the Prophet and other leaders I feel the Spirit...this peace, calmness......for me this is a miracle.

Read the General Conference talks.  Heavenly Father has contested a lot of my fears, prayers, doubts through them.

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