Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Another grand week here at the Santiago CCM!  If my spelling or grammar is off, I´m blaming the spanish keyboard I´m using...okay plus there is no autocorrect so you can see how bad my english spelling is getting.  One plus to Spanish...the spelling is identical to how it sounds!

My week was going fine, but yesterday was definitely the highlight of my whole CCM experience thus far.  I PLACED MY FIRST BOOK OF MORMON/ LIBRO DE MORMON.  One of our teachers surprised us and said that we had 20 minutes to go contacting on the street right in front of the CCM.  This is a hard area because most of the people really ignore you because they are so use to seeing tons of missionaries on this street.  However, I had been praying for the a while now that I would be ready for such an opportunity..(we get really exciting when we get to pass through the CCM gate jaja). Hna. Berrio and I started walking maybe a block from the CCM when we made eye contact with this guy.  He smiled but kept on walking.  I looked back and say though that he had stopped maybe 15 feet from us and seemed to be hesitating.  So we went up to him.  His came is A.  He is from Colombia (shout out to Elder Duffy) and I was actually able to talk to him about mi hermana serviendo en Bogota.  From what I got from talking with him...nice thing was he talked a lot slower than the Chileans here....was he has seen the angel on the temple in Bogota and the one here in Santiago, he has a close family member that joined the church, and that he has been attending lots of chapels trying to fill the void in his life, but nothing has satisfied his spiritual hunger yet.  He was so patient with me and my companera as we explained to him the Libro de Mormon, that there are modern prophets, that God loves him, and that he can find more peace and purpose in his life, by reading the LDM another testimony of Jesucristo.  In my broken spanish all I could really say was I know this Book is true and the peace it has given me in my life.  We gave him a Libro de Mormon and a pamphlet on the Restoration.  We got his contact information and have passed it on to the CCM leaders who forward it on to otras Hermanas who speak more spanish:)  This work is not of man but of God.  Christ lives.  I was having a hard time trying to process missionary to open your mouth so all can hear...but I know with the guidance of the Spirit, I can be lead to those who are being prepared to hear more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I love being a missionary in this great work!

This last Sunday I was able to bear my testimony during Fast and Testimony Sunday in Spanish.  I definitely brought notes up with me, but I know my simple spanish sentences in testimony are true.  My love of the gospel has grown so much.  My forgeting myself, I have found myself.  

Right now in the CCM there are probably only 20ish missionaries.  I guess tons of missionaries are going to the Mexico CCM instead.  It has been fun though.  It is like private language lessons here jaja en serio.  I have learned to be in a classroom for about 12 hours every day with guys about the same age as Cam and a little younger then Caden.  These Elders are working so hard, and it has been really fun watching them figure things out their first couple weeks being independent.  They try so hard to be respectful around Hna. Berrio and me...sometimes I feel like the Motherly/Medical Consultant in their life...but their desire to serve the Lord is so pure.  

Yesterday I worked with Dr. J for a couple hours and he taught me how to assess basically most body systems both in person and over the phone.  I am so thankful for his willingness to teach me.  He said he is hoping that the nurses will be given iphones to use so we will be able to text him questions/get medication recommendations etc instead of playing phone tag with him.  He is really shaping the medical work that is being done here.  I found out that one of the nicest hospitals in all of South America is in my mission.  So blessed.

I am so grateful that the Lord has entrusted me to be a representative for Him here in Chile.  

With much love,

Hermana Duffy

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