Wednesday, May 28, 2014


This has been another fabulous week here in the CCM.  The saying goes...days are long, but weeks fly by.  I 
don´t know if I will totally feel 100% prepared to face the real world of missionary work (especially the spanish aspect) but I am excited to soon be tracking.  

I was so blessed to have my dia de preparacion on my birthday!  Best present ever:)  This morning the Mission President´s wife, Hermana Doll, gave me cookies and all the norteamericanos and latinos sang me happy birthday.  What a wonderful group of people to be surrounded by.  I have loved being here at the Chilean CCM, because it is really close knitted.  I get personal language help from teachers and I have become good friends with the Medical Senior Couples here.

Let the medical questions begin.  Word has officially spread through the CCM that I am a nurse so this week included:  rule out hernia, massive canker sore, sore throat, and popping pinky toe.  Pretty intense huh;)  I am so blessed to have had the education and training in nursing so I can help others.  I met with Hermana T this week.  She is another Nurse here in the Santiago East mission with basically the same training and work experience I have had.  She was telling me how she does things....she is truly a pioneer when it comes to the work she has done here in Chile.  She told me she gets 15 to 20 calls a I am hoping that I get a Smartphone because I will be charting on each phone call I take.  I also got to spend some time with Dr. J.  He is AWESOME!  He had me help him assess a missionary and then spent time explaining how to rule out if something like back pain is serious or not.  I have a feeling I am going to learn tons from him!

So I got two new Latina Hermanas as roommates.  One is from Peru and the other is from Honduras.  The one from Honduras is a dentist, and if I have been understanding her spanish correctly, she has been doing a lot of volunteer work as a dentist with missionaries prior to serving.  Funny spanish language mistakes of the week.  When asking someone to pass a plate I used the word Planchas (like the scriptural ancient metal plates ...opps).  When you are hungry say ¨hambre¨not ¨hombre¨.  Before lunch, I was trying to say that I was really hungry but instead said ´I have many men¨.  oh well I try. 

We were able to do a English session in the Santiago temple yesterday.  It was probably one of the most spiritual experiences I have had in a temple thus far.  I know that the Lord is supporting me in His work, and for sanctifying this time to Him, I can bless others including myself.

On Sunday, my companera y yo sang a song at Noche de Hogar (family home evening).  We sang ¨Be Still my Soul¨in english because there isnt a spanish version in the Himno.  The words in this song are so simple but touching.  I dont think I have ever felt more peace in my life than I do now.  The Gospel is true.  I am here in Chile to help real people with real problems come unto Christ.  His arms are always reaching out.  I love the missionary approach that is being used to really assess the personal needs of investigadors.  It is easy to just teach set lessons, but when you really get to know the desires, fears, and soul stirring questions people have, then the Spirit can guide you in what you need to say.

Know that I love you, I pray for you, and am sustained by your prayers.  I love studying the Plan of Salvation, because it makes me so happy that I can spend eternity with you,

Share the light of Christ with everyone,

Te amo,

Hermana Duffy
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  1. Hermana Duffy,

    Thank you for your nice posts. It's fun to read about your mission and see such great pictures.

    The Palmer/Duffy/Gilbert/StClair/Prusso clan had a great time up at Aspen Grove. That was my first time up there so I didn't know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised to see such a well-oiled facility. The staff, food and and activities were perfect. Melissa and I got to hike a while up the back side of Timp. Spring is just hitting up there on the mountain.

    I talked with your mom on the phone yesterday. She said it is bitter/sweet to be moving. Hope she forwards her new address to you;) JK.

    Talk soon,