Thursday, November 5, 2015


Instead of a regular letter, I decided to put some thoughts together.

Love ya mucho

Hna Duffy

La Misiòn

Never thought to go before,
It was myself holding me back-
To ask my Heavenly Father, 
If I should leave my way to accept His greater hand.

Guiding me wasn’t easy.
I put up a good fight.
Leaving it all behind me-
Am I doing the right?

It was not one answer-rather many
To realize it was not my curiosity but destiny.

All happened fast-God had waited long enough
The first flicker of the faith I planted,
He accepted...

Called in my weak and growing state,
To join the many.

I left thinking it would be easy.
Knocking a few doors,
Wearing skirts,
Passing out pamphlets
I had no idea to put it simply.

Yet the moment I arrived
....I knew.....
That the peace I felt
Meant that He had a plan for me to do.

Six weeks spent in a cold white room
With a group of youngsters
Buttoned shirts and ties,
All of us without a clue.

To talk about Christ, 
To wear His name.
I knew who He was?
the stories and photos, from my seminary days.

I am not a sinner.
I know how to teach too.
My pride would soon learn, 
That my weaknesses are more than a few.

The language didn’t come at once
Actually not at all.
I doubted that this gift existed,
To loosen my twisted tongue.

I remember my first night out.
It scared me to my knees.
How should I talk to people,
When I sound so-o-o silly?

Who knew the missionaries walked so fast?
Took a great force to keep the pace.
Now I have more profound respect,
For the pioneers who treked across the plain.

Slowly and steadly I learned my role.
Yet with each step forward came 3 steps back.

We taught about this Atonement, 
Where He suffered and paid for all.
I realized this meant more than a historical fact,
But was the way to save myself from-
My own Fall.

Now here I am, 
Writing this to you.
Feeling this profound love,
For all He has asked me to do.

I could not imagine
How much He would form me.
To take me in my broken state,
Opening my eyes to the reality.

The gospel of Christ is not a club,
It is not a good idea,
Rather it is the plan from Above.

We are children of a God,
Put in this state of faith.
To do everything in our power,
Then trust in His grace and wait.

Giving up our will to His 
Can be like a jump in the darkness,
But with the greatest given certainty,
Of a landing in all He has promised.

The mission has no end this is true,
Because we live in a world where this is much to do.
Forget these shiny worldly distracciones,

Follow the living prophet, and put our faith, hope, and love into action.

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