Saturday, January 24, 2015


This last week my comp and I were thinking about ways to increase the unity in the ward and to find more people to teach.  As two gringitas (north americans) were thinking we came up with the idea to hold ENGLISH CLASSES in the chapel.  We got permission and everything and this last saturday we held the first!  We did not have too many people attend, but the bishop anunció about the class this last sunday so we will see what happens this next week.  I tried to give the closing prayer in ended out being more spanglish.  It is a blessing to learn though how to teach a language though.

This week was an opportunity to met a lot of ¨new¨menos activos who are wanting to come back to the fold.  Everyone has a story and it is amazing to see how the Spirit is working to soften the hearts of these people again...reconversion.  The goal is the temple.   I am so grateful for the opportunity to see people and this change of heart.

That is soo funny about the exercise video.  This last week we started a program also to motivate the missionaries to exercise for the whole 30 minutes.  My comp likes to run in the morning so it has been awesome!  Half marathon when I get back dad.....?????;)

With the new sector we have been finding new people to teach.  We have been teaching this woman named L.  She is super Evangelica/christiana.  The first time we had a visit with her, she wanted to offer the first prayer and she did so, making us stand with her in a standing circle.  It has been really touching to see her learn praying with more of her own words, arms crossed, kneeling.  I know that heavenly father listens to our prayers.    I was a little nervous though to kneel in her house because lets just say the first visit there we were a little distracted by the sounds of a rat chewing under her dresser ;)  LOVE THE MISSION

Something that I started to do this week is to walk around with the Book of Mormon in my hand.  The Book of Mormon is the clave..the keystone.  We had a Zone Conference this week and the theme was about the Book of Mormon.  My comp H and I have been trying more to use more scriptures in the lessons and there has been a huge difference.  I know that the Book of Mormon is true.  I know we can receive answers to our prayers in the scriptures.

Families are eternal.

Hna Duffy

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