Friday, January 9, 2015


This week was INCREDIBLE.....I need a whole day to write all the experiences, memories, miracles, blessings, todo of this last week.  The mission is the best.  Where to begin:

But first off,....FELIZ AÑO NUEVO...2015.....
This last week we have had to avoid muchos abrazos from people...Here in chile the way that everyone celebrates is by hugging EVERYONE...Not only New Years Eve but for the whole week.  Love the Love, but as a missionary we are learning some quick subtle moves to keep the normas :)
I am going to write spark notes of things that happened: we were trying to help a new convert travel to the church this last sunday..but everyone with a car in the ward was on vacación...this convert abuelita can´t walk so we were thinking it might be necessary for her to take a taxi.  Right when we were getting ready to flag down a taxi, a car passed us but did a U-y and turned around.  To my surprise it was a couple from my other ward that I served in!  They had been trying to attend a different ward that is close by but the chapel was closed but they remembered that there is a small capilla in Padre Las Casas (my ward in Vivaceta) so they were in camino to find this capilla...and they passed by in front of the house of this abuela (who does not live close to either churches.....MIRACLE.  Seriously the whole day I was in astonishment of how great a blessing this was.  Heavenly Father is SOOO aware of our lives and needs!

-We met this man last week and we set a time to return and met and compartir with him and his wife.  The day of the appointment with him, we passed by the mom of a a young adult who is a menos activo.  We have not had much success in entering this home in MUCHO tiempo...but this morning she let us in and we had a great lección with her.  Directly after our visit with her we went to our appointment with this man and his wife...Umberto y Nora.  Long story short we found out that Nora is the sister of the mom we passed by earlier that morning.  Later in the visit...Nora told us that she had a dream recently where she dreamed that she was in a tunnel and trying to escape out of it.  There was a light that was directing her in this tunnel..but when she reached the light she looked up and there was a person.  She then said ´I believe the two of you are this light¨WOW I love when the spirit works with people.  People here in Chile are super aware and put a lot of attention in the dreams they have.  When she said this I felt an increase in love for her...and it was a opportunity to see how nuestro Padre Celestial prepares his children to receive more luz and knowledge.

-We were walking and this dog came up to us (limping) passed by us and then turned around and literally jumped to attack my companion.  I KNOW that my comp. was protected.  The dog basically got pushed back and left.  I am soooooo grateful for the protection we have as missionaries.  

-My friend M who is a menos activo assisted the Sacrament Meeting after probably a year of inactivity.  She shared her testimony...and I am sooo happy for her!

-The CUTEST VIEJITA ABUELITA in CHILE lives in my ward.  I have not laughed so much in my life.  My favorite thing that she does is her imitation of a old person knitting....enough said.

-LOVE my comp.  I have felt the spirit so strong during this time I have had to serve with her.  Ella es tan capaz.

-Funny quote of this week... A wife told her husband that we the missionaries were going to have lunch this next sunday in their home....His eyes literally lite up and he exclaimed This means we are going to have postre (dessert)!!!!!  Yes Chilenos have a passion for food ;)

I don´t have more time to write everything, but I have felt the spirit and la mano de Dios tan fuertemente in my life this week.  I am eternally grateful for this opportunity I have to serve my brothers and sisters here in Chile.

Love you mucho mucho mucho

Hna Duffy

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