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Sí pues vamos a conversar esta navidad!  We have everything planned out
 to use a computer in the home of a miembro.  There are 4 hermanas that 
will be having Christmas dinner with this family so I am not entirely sure 
what time...but if possible probably Christmas day is the best for me...if not..
let me know and I will work on something else.  But if you assign me a time 
I can work with that too;)  SOOOOO  excited to see your beautiful faces in Skype.  

This week was the last week of the cambio.  It is a time to reflect on what went well this cambia 
and what we need to work on the next cambio.  I love that in the mission we are always reevaluated 
our progress and goals.  There is always something we can work on.  

CAMBIOS:::::::::the suspense.

I am staying in my sector.  I will be a hermana trainer again..and my comp nueva is a very 
cute hermanita se llama Hna Henry.  The first time I will have to have a compañera gringita 
en el campo.  She is from California and I am sooo excited to serve with her.  We have a lot 
to do in this sector.  Vivaceta es la máximo.  We have tons of support from the ward which has 
been a great blessing.

One thing that I have been thinking a lot about is the many ways we do missionary work.  
For example this last cambio, nobody was baptized in our ward.  It would be easy to think 
that this was a ¨failure¨but what I have learned is there are many ways to have success in a 
cambio.  And furthermore it is not our success but it is the spirit.  Our job is to remain 
worthy to have the companionship of the spirit, and in the end people have the opportunity to decide.  

A couple experiences from this week.

We contacted a lady in the street who said she is atea...atheist.  We asked her if she had
 something happen in her life that basically shook her faith.  She responded that there were 
a lot of reasons..but we could pass by her house one day and maybe she would be there.  
So of course we went.  A miracle happened and she came out of her house and talked with us.  
She told us about her experiences with missionaries, with churches, with God.  It was super 
interesting to listen to her.  One thing that happened with missionaries in the past she said was 
that the missionaries just talked and did not listen to her.  And as soon as the missionaries 
stopped talking they tried to push her to commit (missionaries from lots of different churches). 
 I learned  a lot about the importance of being a good listener.  Often it is more easy to enter 
a home, give a spiritual lesson, and to leave, and then expect changes.  But each person is 
different, and at times we just need to listen.

I have been thinking a lot about this because in the mission I have had the opportunity to meet
 a lot of people in really poor conditions-physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Sometimes in my
 mind..I am wanting to teach a family ¨without¨any huge problems.  That would not have to give up 
addictions, etc. to progress in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I read a talk in the Liahona this week 
where Elder Uchdorf stated that if Christ was living in the earth again He would be found amoung 
the meek, humble, and poor in heart.  This was a answer to my prayers that it is not up to me to decide 
who would best fit to progress in the gospel of Christ, but I need to seek out those who need this 
message of hope, love, and purpose.  

I know that lives change when we accept the Atonement of Christ more into our lives.  We accept that 
we are not perfect, that we need help, and that even when we try with all our might to do what is right 
we can confide in Christ to make up the difference.  

Christ was born in lowly circumstances.  Lived a humble life.  And in the end of His mortal life, 
He was still focused in the needs of others.  I know Christ lived and lives.  That He already suffered 
for all that I will do in this life.  And that this gift, the greatest gift of this season, is the mercy He offers
 us to return with Him to live with our Heavenly Father.  

I love you guys so much

Hna Duffy

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