Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Hope you guys passed Thanksgiving wonderfully with mucha comida....I was able to eat pavo (turkey) this week for the first time in the mission which was awesome that it happened the week of thanksgiving.

en serio I am soo sorry my spanglish is getting worse every week....

Oh there is a niño en my ward here who wanted me to write to you guys to tell you that he thinks we look like the creatures from Avitar jajajaja.  

Update on the dog whistle...it works.  It was the best thing ever.  We passed by some dogs that we dont have the best relations with this week..and the sound that the whistle makes..causes them to run away.  Thank you Presidente Videla for the gift!  But we found out if the dog is old it does not affect them.  We were in a house and my companion used it and the dog didnt react at all.. it´s old ears did not pick up the sounds oh well.

This last sunday...Una jovencita se llama Mitxi and I sung in the sacrament meeting.  We sang the song, A Child´s Prayer..pero por supuesto en español.

We live right next door to the Hipodromo en Santiago (horse races)..and there was a huge race this week..fireworks and everything..whoot whoot.  There is an investigador en our ward right now who is a jockey and races in the Hipodromo.

Awesome experience this week.  We are teaching this jovencita se llama Berta.  We had been teaching her mom (who is through o through evangelica) but in the end she stopped progressing and in the end we are now teaching her daughter.  We introduced her to the Book of Mormon..and basically in 3 days she read up to 1 Nefi 10.  This was the first time in my mission where someone has really ¨feasted on the words¨in the scriptures.  She said she loved the vision of Lehi and felt like she was a part of this vision when she was reading it.  Please keep her in your prayers!

We had another milagro/miracle this week.  We are teaching a menos activo hombre and his wife.  They just had their first baby and are super bueno.  Are sacrament meeting is the last meeting of the 3 hour block.  We had invited them to attend the church Saturday night and they said they would.  During the last talk of the sacrament meeting...they walked in holding their baby!  There is such a joy to see someone that was baptized years ago but has been inactivo for mucho tiempo to enter the chapel again.  The ward was awesome to befriend them...always helps when a couple has a cute newborn too ;)  If you can put M en your prayers too (the wife) the next step they need to take is matrimonio.  I love the mission!!!!!! I love the opportunity to see people use their agency to make changes in their lives.

My comp and I have started studying Doctrina and Convenios.  Read Section 6. Especially verses 14-15. 29-30.

I have been thinking a lot about what is my purpose as a missionary..what does Heavenly Father desire of me in my time in Chile.D and C 1:24....we are called as representatives of Christ..but still have weaknesses.  With these weaknesses it forces us to trust more in Him...to Repent each day..and realize that the Atonement is a gift we need to utilize every day in our lives.

Christ lived and lives.  He fulfilled His mission in the earth to carry about the plan of God our Father.  He did it out of love and he was perfectly humilde en everything.

Con cariño y amor

Hna Duffy

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