Monday, May 2, 2011

A couple highlights so far!

Here are some random pics that I have taken!  Today was occupied by an amazing but long field trip which I will post about later this week:)

These 2 pics are of one of the thousands of olive trees that flourish here.  Those small green things are the olives that are just starting to grow.

Yup McDonald's is EVERYWHERE including West Jerusalem!

My tour group on our first walk around the Old City

First Day of Classes

Yes, that is a tour guide trying to get his groups attention with a light saber

So I might be a people watcher...I'm super sneaky taking these kind of pictures!

The kids here love it when we talk to them or take their pictures!  Just imagine what it would be like growing up in such a beautiful and historic city!


  1. What beautiful pics! Thanks for being super sneaky and sharing those images. Tell us about the field trip!

  2. Jenessa,

    Love the pics! This opportunity will be an experience of a lifetime, have fun and remember your family loves you:)

    Rad Dad