Monday, January 3, 2011

What I learned during break...

1.  The term "White Christmas" was phrased to make people stuck in Utah feel better about being homebound in a blizzard
2.  My mouth does not set off metal detectors
3.  Food tastes better in 80 degree weather
4.  When people say "almost free" they still expect money
5.  Maids will leave towel creations if you give them a high enough tip
6.  "Some where over the rainbow" can easily get stuck in your head
7.  There is such a thing as a "cute" loaf of bread
8.  Things taste better with buttermilk
9.  As Duffys we enjoy speed race snorkeling
10.  A person can reach a state of being sick of eating chocolate
11.  Never trust a Verizon saleswoman with your phone
12.  Mom is capable of staying up till midnight
13.  Dad dreams of Dwight Howard
14.  Mexico should switch to self-service gas, so tourists do not have to make a scene
15.  Short people do not appreciate when you are pointing directions over there heads
16.  My father is a "Sugar Daddy"
17.  That I should wear a mask to filter the air I am breathing here in Utah
18.  Cell phones can talk to you
19.  Turkeys are not the only things that Gobble
20.  Haircuts turn out better when the girl knows what angle to cut layers
21.  Caden's fingers can withstand hours of strumming
22.  "Topes" known as road bumps should be farther then 50 ft apart
23.  Mexican waiters think I know spanish
24.  Found out what market Nacho Libre bought his wrestling mask
25.  Chocolate and chicken can taste good together
26.  Learned how to say "no gracias" to hundreds of people
27.  Cameron now knows to never play "52 card pick up" again
28.  Learned to express emotion through saying the analogy of "Little kids...."
29.  To just spend the money to buy the pork salad from Cafe Rio which is already made
30.  Whoppers can become a heated debate
31.  Photoshop is possible to decipher
32.  Nerf guns can inflict pain
33.  A grocery store can be a highlight to a trip
34.  A person would really have to bend there knees to be dunked in a tiny ancient baptism font
35.  Dad is Iron Chef Horchata Maker
36.  There is a pool big enough to handle the Duffy boys water adventures
37.  Bats are not afraid to get close and personal with humans
38.  Chinese food tastes great on Christmas Day and New Years
39.  Can understand why people get seasonal depression in utah
40.  To-Do lists are annoying but helpful