Monday, January 17, 2011

Ode to the College Dances

To the awkward dancers of the "Y"
Don't you know that you can't jive,
To any beat that is played to you,
No matter how catchy the tune.

When all moves fail you can jump,
Because elbowing people in the side isn't enough,
To keep you from being a sad wallflower,
But getting stuck in a crowded pit that devours.

Oh we are so lanky and white.
And our generation is not as quite,
Characterized by our form or our grace too,
But on a boring weekend what else are you suppose to do?


  1. Seriously...this is good. I think you should send it to the BYU newspaper. Love you! ps. You are a coordinated white person.

  2. In my social dance class we talked about being a "wallflower" so it's kind of funny that you mention it cuz it's true.. :[o