Thursday, December 17, 2015

La Vuelta

On November 16, 2015 I went to the Mission Office for my last time.  I got to see the new cambios for the rest of the missionaries.  Had my interview with President.  Hna Videla gave us her marriage class presentation.  We went to the airport...said more goodbyes...and had some amazing contact experiences..(we walked around looking for someone to contact and we saw a man in army camo and felt like we should talk with him.  Ended up that his father had just passed away and he was flying home for the Spirit truly guides).
It was hard to walk through security, thinking that that might be the last time I would ever be in Chile.  I am at peace knowing that I gave my "all" in my mission.  That is not saying I was a perfect missionary, but through Christ I was able to give my best and He made up the rest.
When I saw my mom, dad, and Caden via FaceTime waiting for me in the airport, it was a beautiful feeling.  To be embraced, hugged, and kissed by those whom I call my family, those who had waited, supported, and prayed for me during those 18 months was a joy beyond words.

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