Monday, October 13, 2014



What a great weekend..cierto?  This week was a week to find new investigadores, and it is very humbleing to see the hand of Heavenly Father in this work.  Also we have been able to work with a TON of menos activos.  Some of them have already rededicated themselves to the gospel and are preparing to once again renew their convenios.  It is NEVER too late to change.

I loved conference!  For me all the talks bascially were the Plan of Salvation.  Teach your children to confide in Christ by doing the essencial things every day, through a prophet we can know the will of God, and there are hard times but Christ suffered all.  I loved when the speakers spoke in their native tongues.  I was really hoping Pres. Uchdorf was going to give his talk in German:)

This church is the church of Christ.  

Pres. Monson is the prophet living in the earth.

Mucho amor,

Hna duffy

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