Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A few experiences here and there...

Meeting with the Bedawin nation is like nothing I have experienced before.  They live in a way that is very primitive and traditional.  Some live in government villages, in which electricity and water is supplied to them.  Others live on illegal land with no modern comfort, and live in fear of having the government kicking them off at any time.  I was especially able to see how the women live in this situation.  Many women are not suppose to leave their homes or villages so having a job or any external interaction is not possible.  So a group formed a way for these women to make money within their village.  These beautiful Bedawin women weave.  They do everything from making the yarn, to coloring it, to weaving it to form blankets, wall hangings, etc.  The second village we visited had a school for women.  It was especially special to us because the church has donated money to buy supplies for this school that is located in the middle of nowhere!
Woman using a floor loom

Sitting in a Bedawin tent

Little girl walking around in the village with no shoes on...ouch!

The women in the school

Stranded kitten in the thread

A couple weeks ago we had an Arab Culture night.  It was a great excuse to eat a lot of authentic food and dress up.   So Arabic girls tried to teach us how to dance, which we struggled with so they enjoyed  watching us. I kind of felt like it was Halloween, because most Arabs don't dress like this:)  
Fenton and girls

Yeah roomies!

The girls

I'm so protected here no worries!

Nice head wraps

The boys
here are a few random pictures of some things that have been happening in this neck of the woods.
Snacks in the store that we call "Costco"

King David and us..just chillin

After a LONG day at the beach...finally getting what I had been craving.  a HAMBURGER!!

The nicest girls ever treating me out to ice cream for my birthday in West Jerusalem

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