Saturday, February 26, 2011


 The dreaded day arrived two weeks ago.  I had been anticipating that day ever since I found out I got accepted into BYU's Nursing Program.  I don't know if its just me, but having inexperienced girls practicing giving shots on me did not sound like my definition of enjoyment.  The first morning of, I woke up and had to watch some quick skills videos on how to administer the shots.   I literally almost fainted, and had to lie on my back in the middle of my living room to not pass out.  I knew that was not a good sign.
So at 10:30 am. I arrived at the practice nursing lab.  I got partnered up with a girl from my high school, and it went from there.  I actually had SOO much fun!  The first shot I did was a ID (Inter dermal--the one that you get for TB where it makes a bubble under your skin).  I got the needle placed, but when I let go of the skin to inject the saline solution, the needle slipped out.  My partner was a trooper fyi!  Two weeks later, we had to practice 4-6 shots on each other.  Needles don't bug me anymore, except for the shot that goes into your stomach.  That one hurts for days!!!!
My fellow lab classmates!



  1. My goodness you are brave. Did I ever tell you the story of my sweet little Jenessa who SCREAMED, KICKED, and CRIED when she was getting her shots to start elementary school? (Kicked the nurse, that is...) I dare say you even said a couple bad words!

  2. 27g needles are nothing... Wait until you get to practice large bore IVs...:) Rad Dad